Helping Your Wife Heal After Abortion

“My wife seems to have lost her mind,” the husband shared with deep concern. “I knew she had an abortion but she never talked about it. When her friend died, her grief exploded and all she can talk about is her aborted child. Please tell me how I can help her heal?”

Couples that endure an abortion experience rarely remain together afterwards due to their decision to allow their unborn child to pass away. In searching for another love, women often share their abortion truth quickly, without many details. When they discover a heart that does not judge them for this choice, they often marry quickly. It can then take many years for their husbands to hear their abortion story.

As years pass, this secret sin is often locked away in the deepest areas of a woman’s heart. She may experience many aspects of after-abortion pain – guilt, shame, sorrow, trauma and tears – but never connect those emotions to her abortion.

Then the moment arrives when God pulls the curtains off her eyes so she understands she lost a real child during her abortion. In those realization moments, Isaiah 42:6 is a comfort – “I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth… I will not forsake them.

Abortions are typically decided in times of great turmoil. When women share that they had an abortion, the deep details rarely follow this truth. By sharing just the simple truth that they had an abortion, these hearts watch the listener’s reaction closely. If judgment is perceived in any way, the discussion ends. Women often then recoil into shame and work to pack away this truth deeper in their soul.

When God’s anointed time arrives to reveal that their abortion took the life of a tiny human, the woman is often overwhelmed and grieves immediately. God will use triggers like the deaths of other people to bring the individual to a point of understanding their own loss.

Abortion stories can then spill out uncontrollably regardless of potential judgment. When the story has been shed, women often end up in piles of grief and pain, shocked at the level of emotions that has been trapped in their souls over this choice.

In these moments, spouses can be very helpful in not only comforting their loved one but also participating in their healing. Here are several ways spouses can help their wives as they embark on the unfamiliar path to God’s healing:

Prepare Your Heart to Hear Her Total Truth

If you have never heard her abortion story, be ready to hear more details about how she lost her virginity and ended up in an abortion clinic. There are often side variables that will be shared like sexual abuse, promiscuity, and/or drug use related to the abortion time-frame.

Enduring confessions from your wife’s past of being with another man/men sexually, remember Proverbs 4: 23-24 Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.  Keep your mouth free of perversity; keep corrupt talk far from your lips.

React internally, not externally, to these revelations so as not to wound her further. When she’s finished her story, comfort and assure her that you love her no matter what. There will be time to ask deeper questions when she’s further along in her healing journey.

Help Offset Her Shame with God’s Truth

Sharing the secret of abortion is likely the most difficult confession in our world. Shame is the immediate emotion women encounter in revealing this often horrifying experience. When God shows them the truth that they lost a child versus something else in the abortion, the guilt and shame work to silence them again.

If she is enduring deep shame, take a moment to comfort her with God’s word. Here are some points to include:

  • There is no sin that God cannot forgive and heal – Hebrews 8:12For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.”
  • Outline that the problem may be she does not forgive themselves for making this choice and additional help might be needed.

End by praying with her that God would lead and help her discover His path to healing.

Understand Marital Intimacy Will Return

Making love is one of the biggest reminders of an abortion experience for two reasons:

  • A surgical abortion experience is one of the greatest forms of sexual abuse that endures in our world. A delicate part of the woman’s body is invaded and a tiny human is confiscated and dies. Any other touch in that area can trigger abortion memories. Medication abortion can be more traumatic as women often view their child’s placenta which typically reveals a very human looking child inside.
  • Sex is the reason they ended up in the abortion clinic. In order to cope with the horror endured, a deep dive into other sinful behavior can be the result. The promiscuity that often follows an abortion decision added many additional sin layers to an already wounded heart which interferes with women enjoying intimacy with their spouses.

When tucked away in a secure marriage, many post-abortive women become frigid, leaving the husband feeling rejected and unable to bond with his wife. Through a healing program, the sexual abuse and promiscuity can be addressed and healed, allowing women to enjoy intimacy with their loving husband at long last.

Make Sure Her Abortion Recovery Program is Biblical

After 25 years in this ministry effort, helping tens of thousands discover the blessing and peace of God’s healing after abortion, I do not believe there is any real healing outside of God. As a support person, please review the abortion recovery resources that are being used to ensure they include God’s word.

Many secular resources remove or reduce God’s Word in their healing process. Due to this potential, our ministry only refers women to leadership using the Her Choice to Heal or the Forgiven and Set Free abortion recovery programs.

Enduring Her Tears

Grief can be overwhelming after being pent up for many years. You may be astounded by the flow and even become uncomfortable. Please hang in there. Every time you comfort her, your support will be remembered deep in her heart. She will feel your arms as an outpouring of God’s love and power, drawing her close to your heart.

Please don’t attempt to make her stop crying. Tears are the body’s way of releasing toxins. Abortion’s toxins in a soul can be deep and dark. Psalm 56:8 shares that God records our tears –  Record my misery; list my tears on your scroll— are they not in your record? When God expels the last tears from her body for this lost child, He will restore joy to her heart and set her free from this pain.

If a person is not bothered by a past abortion, it’s best to leave them alone and pray for them. Do not assume that they do not regret that decision. The mind has the ability to place a secret in a low corner of a heart and lock it up with many keys. Only God’s love can open that gate and allow His Son’s love and healing to seep into their soul with conviction that they lost a child in that choice.

If you or someone you know is hurting after an abortion, visit our abortion recovery on-line website to begin to understand this pain at a deeper level and continue to pray that God would use you to help them discover His healing after abortion.

7 Reasons Not to Abort Again

“I also had my first abortion here at the Seattle Planned Parenthood!” Actress Martha Plimpton (pictured above) told a pro-abortion #ShoutYourAbortion audience last June. She added, “Notice I said ‘first.’ I said ‘first. And I don’t want Seattle — I don’t want you guys to feel insecure, it was my best one.”

It is interesting that Plimpton took the time to declare her first abortion as her “best.” Why would she purposely outline which of her abortion experiences was better than another? She may have hoped to encourage the Seattle audience, yet her words outline a common theme in post-abortive people who have experienced abortion more than once – subsequent abortion experiences are far worse than the first.

According to the 2006 Guttmacher Institute report Repeat Abortion in the United Stateswomen having a second or higher-order abortions are substantially different from women having a first abortion in two important ways:

  • They are more than twice as likely to be age 30 or older and,
  • Even after controlling for age, almost twice as likely to already have had a child. Among all women having an abortion, six in 10 are already mothers.

Abortion can become a habit in women’s lives. If abortion solved the first maternity crisis, many believe that choosing it again should do the same. Some are unable to use contraception effectively or find pregnancy prevention methods fail. Other women are concerned with the concept of more children when they are struggling to care for their current offspring.

Here are seven reasons why women should not abort multiple times:

  1. Repeat abortions are often more traumatizing because a second abortion is a huge trigger of previous abortion pain. After an initial abortion, it’s common to spend time reminding oneself of all the reasons abortion was the “best” choice. Great emotional effort is often expended to keep any potential grief away by reciting internally the reasons that abortion was a good decision. Sadly, as this actress outlines, a first abortion is very different from a second, third or more. If someone walks back into an abortion clinic to abort again, they typically re-live their first abortion emotionally, spiritually, psychological, biologically and physically during the second abortion. The trauma is then often doubled or even tripled.
  1. Women often do not have the same excuses for aborting a second time so coping skills are not as effective.  Abortion guilt is quite different because it doesn’t have the same good excuses. Women who chose abortion multiple times typically are more mature and often have the ability to care for more children. The common abortion excuses of finishing college or not having a home/income are often not valid the second time around. When the moments come to remind themselves of the reasons for this second abortion, many can experience a much harsher emotional impact than the first. 
  1. You may not be able to get pregnant againMany women may want more children – just not right now – or with this father. A woman’s delicate uterine lining is often impacted by multiple abortions. That can lead this lining of life to be degraded because abortion’s impact can reduce the uterine lining’s ability to maintain a pregnancy in the future. Another pregnancy may never result when the perfect time arrives to have another child. 
  1. You may lose your relationship with the father of this child – Relationships are deeply impacted by an abortion decisionCouples who make an abortion decision can certainly experience bereavement. According to a report on the long-term impact of the natural death of a child from the National Institutes of Health, bereaved parents reported more depression and health problems and were more likely to endure marital disruption. If the impact of a natural death of a child is so severe on a couple, you can imagine the added effect of choosing to take the life of a child through abortion. 
  1. Your life will never be the same with additional abortions – Abortion never enhances a parent’s life but typically degrades it. While babies require some work in the beginning, existing children can help during the initial intense care period. Living with the truth of multiple abortion experiences can be quite crippling as well, resulting in the end of the possibility of any sort of perfect or peaceful life. 
  1. The loss of this child will change your life forever – Children grow into adults who return the love and care taking of their parents in the later years of their life. An aborted child could have been the one that holds the hand of their parents as they pass away. This child could also be the one to donate an organ to family members or friends with a life threatening disease. Perhaps the tiny human is the one that will go to college and find a cure for cancer. It is impossible to determine the value, role and purpose of each child before they are born which makes abortion a far bigger decision than anyone can realize. 
  1. Existing children are often negatively impacted by a parent’s abortion – A parent’s emotional stability is essential in raising existing or future children. Coping with one abortion is different than surviving a second one. Multiple abortions impact the bonding with living children and certainly have the potential to impact a woman’s emotional well-being and mothering skills. Many that contact our offices are in very depressed conditions, unable to even accomplish the simplest of tasks. Some are also hospitalized with emotional and psychological issues. Children of these individuals are typically then given to other family members or living birth parents for care. That can lead to many other problems in their lives.

No matter what anyone may say, abortion is never the right decision. If you’ve made this choice once or multiple times, please know that there is no sin that God cannot forgive. If you are struggling, it could be that you don’t forgive yourself and you may need help.

The Her Choice to Heal abortion recovery website can help you begin to understand the impact of a past abortion(s) on your life at a private and confidential level and lead you through God’s healing process. Our team is also available to assist you.

Our prayers go out to actress Martha Plimpton even if she is currently proud of her abortion history. While her statements about her abortion caused outrage, her declaration about her first abortion clearly outlines that her multiple abortion decisions were likely quite traumatizing. She deserves our compassion and prayers.

You Must Be Post-Abortive!

I was shocked when I read the job description from a post-abortive ministry which outlined – “We are looking for women who can be a first responders to post abortive people who call our helpline number. You must be post abortive in order to serve in this capacity…

The requirement that, “You must be post-abortive,” astounded me. Nothing rattles me more than when abortion recovery programs openly DISCRIMINATE and REJECT God’s anointed people simply because they have never experienced abortion.  

As a direct result of this cliquish rule, abortion recovery efforts have diminished over the years versus increased because there simply are not enough healed post-abortive people to administer these programs nationwide.

Post-abortion experienced-based discrimination often resides in the false mindsets that if you’ve not experienced this choice, you cannot understand this pain. Consider the comparison to other aspects of life to show the irrationality of that theory:

  • A veterinarian has never been an animal. Does that mean they can’t help animals?
  • Male OB/GYN’s have never experienced childbirth. Are they, therefore, precluded from delivering babies?
  • Pastors have not experienced all forms of sin. Are they only allowed to counsel about the sins they have endured?

I often welcome non-post-abortive people during Ramah’s training events by saying, “Never be ashamed of not having an abortion! It’s a good thing to not have this credential!”

This comment is initially met with laughter. Then hands go up and testimonies reveal personal experiences of rejection from abortion recovery ministry efforts due to a lack of direct experience with abortion.

Many that receive my invitation to join our ranks in ministering to abortion’s wounded hearts are then released to pursue the calling that God had long ago laid on their hearts. The issue then becomes finding a ministry opportunity where they are accepted and put to work. Most end up starting something new and we are always happy to help!

The involvement of non-post-abortive people is essential in abortion recovery efforts because they provide a window to the Christian community that offers abortion’s wounded hearts love without judgment.

When I met the non-post-abortive leader in my healing class in 1992, I was overwhelmed at the depth of her understanding of my pain. She knew my emotions better than I did at that point! I trusted her, leaned on her and still have a friendship with her today. God used her to change my life!

God gives His people various talents and experiences that allow them to mesh perfectly with abortion’s wounded hearts. Healthy credentials for this work include a mix of some following job skills:

Grief BackgroundMost of us have experienced grief in some form. When you lose a loved one, grief becomes a natural part of your life. Abortion recovery programs are simply bible studies based on grief.

Pregnancy Loss – If you have experienced miscarriage, stillbirth or any other form of child loss, you can easily understand a great deal about abortion’s grief and shame. The heartbreak of losing a child is a common denominator.

Secondary Abortion TraumaWhen someone close to you aborts, you can become post-abortive at a secondary level. Many then experience sub-levels of abortion pain – grief, anger, shame, etc. Grandparents, siblings, friends or relatives of the post-abortive person or the aborted child can feel abortion pain as well. This connection is particularly qualifying in ministry when it is combined with love and compassion.

Direct Abortion Involvement – Those who might have encouraged/participated in an abortion decision, and then found God’s healing, can be very effective in abortion recovery ministry efforts.

Understanding Sin’s ConsequencesThe emotions of shame, guilt, anger, forgiveness, bitterness and resentment relate to many sin issues. Everyone that has been saved has been forgiven. God considers one sin the same as another. It is only human beings that place weights on various sins.

Bible Study Leadership ExperienceIf you have administered a Bible study in the past, your background would be wonderful in the abortion recovery arena. Godly principles of sin and redemption are obviously translatable to abortion pain.

Spiritual Stability – Non-post-abortive workers are often more stable and have a calming influence on post-abortive hearts, particularly when emotions are running high. The enemy simply cannot push buttons in the same way because you have never had an abortion! This makes you a highly effective group leader!

Considering that there have been over 55 million abortions in the US alone since 1973, it’s easy to compare the post-abortive population to the situation described in Matthew 9:35-38 (NIV):

Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness. When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.

With only a small amount of abortion recovery ministry efforts occurring around our world, the post-abortive are certainly harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. There are tens of millions of us currently residing on Earth. If God is calling you to help us, will you accept the position?

Please take the time to search your heart and carefully consider whether you can commit to working with abortion’s wounded hearts. I promise that your compassionate heart will be put to good use and that God will continue to bless your efforts.

A good place to begin ministry efforts is with a general discussion of abortion’s emotional pain whenever possible. Whenever you are discussing abortion, realize that post-abortive people may be listening.

Please address us directly by offering compassion with this simple statement that Dr. James Dobson spoke to reach my own heart – I know that I’m talking to many people who may have chosen abortion. I want you to know that there is no sin that God cannot forgive. The problem may be you don’t forgive yourself and need some help. We are here to help!

The peace that surrounded me when Dr. Dobson spoke those words remain in my heart today. He was the first recognized Christian leader to speak to me directly as a post-abortive person, showing me the truth of God’s amazing capacity to forgive.

Bottom line: The abortion recovery movement cannot afford to turn away anyone God has led to this work and who has been trained for this ministry. We need your help!

A good first step is to read my book, Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual and Emotional Peace After Abortion, and have it handy just in case someone talks to you about a past abortion. It was designed to help them understand their regret and move ahead towards receiving more peace in the future.

To learn more about the emotional recovery from a past abortion, visit our online site at Her Choice to Heal. This site is designed to help individuals understand the emotions of healing as well as many other general issues post-abortive people experience.




Our Ministry Rocks

The basket of stones was a tangible reminder that my aborted child had not died in vain. My friend, Judy Squier, gave me this basket during one of Focus on the Family’s pregnancy center conferences that I managed in 1996. She included one large stone with the name “Jesus” written on it. There was a smaller stone marked with her own name, “Judy.”

In presenting this gift, Judy shared, “This is a Joshua Basket. Remember in the Bible when Joshua was directed by God to have the high priests step into the flooded river Jordan with the Ark of the Covenant? The minute they stepped in, the waters parted and all the Israelites were allowed to cross on dry ground. After all had crossed over, God instructed some to go back and gather twelve stones from the middle of the dry area in the river.”

Joshua 4:4-7 relays the rest of the story – So Joshua called together the twelve men he had appointed from the Israelites, one from each tribe, and said to them, “Go over before the ark of the Lord your God into the middle of the Jordan. Each of you is to take up a stone on his shoulder, according to the number of the tribes of the Israelites, to serve as a sign among you. In the future, when your children ask you, ‘What do these stones mean?’ tell them that the flow of the Jordan was cut off before the ark of the covenant of the Lord. When it crossed the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan were cut off. These stones are to be a memorial to the people of Israel forever.”

Judy concluded, “Put a stone in this basket and write on it the name of every life God touches through your lovely heart. This basket will serve to strengthen your ministry and encourage your heart in years to come that God is using you mightily. I’m glad that my rock is there first!”

As I accepted the gift, I felt led to only include the names of children God had used me to save from abortion. I found different rocks in various locations while traveling to speak at pregnancy center banquets.

One special rock features the name, “Jake.” His mother called me from an airport in a frantic state because her pregnancy test was positive. Her husband had a vasectomy and she was certain this was the child from a horrible encounter with a co-worker.

“I didn’t tell him about the man that accosted me. My husband will certainly leave me over this and my daughters could lose their father,” she said frantically.

We did everything to help her, even getting her into a pregnancy center in another town for an ultrasound. Sadly, she wasn’t far enough along so it was difficult to view the humanity of the tiny human growing in her womb. She remained determined to abort at that point.

Her final words rang in my heart for many days – “Either my baby will die on Good Friday or he’ll be born near Christmas.”

This mother rocked my world as I fervently prayed for her family. When Good Friday came and went, I was overwhelmingly sad, believing her child had passed away.

That Easter Sunday, I received a call at my home number. This dear woman’s husband was on the line. He said, “I understand you’ve been speaking to my wife.”

I listened to him share with an excited heart, suddenly realizing that I had grieved a child that was still very much alive!  This husband relayed that his wife had indeed gone to the abortion clinic but had fled after they showed her a film of the procedure. On her hands and knees, she had told him the truth about her pregnancy.

When I asked about his reaction, he said, “Oh, I love my wife. This is my baby. I understand what happened.”

I was so relieved and spent the rest of that Easter Sunday praising God. That tiny human has grown into a man who continues to bring his parents great joy!

When the Joshua basket reached 62 rocks – each representing children spared from abortion – I felt led by God to stop this recording effort. The basket was enough to remind me that the brief life of my aborted child – whom I named Jesse – had great value on Earth. He certainly had not died in vain. It was time to stop keeping track so tangibly because at some point, my own pride could take over the fruits of God using me to reach these hearts.

God should always receive the glory and credit for every life spared from abortion. When individuals or groups tout figures relating to the number of lives saved through their organizational effort – and neglect to include God’s name – they may be taking personal possession of God’s own fruit.

If we take over God’s fruit of saved lives, we then must also take personal responsibility for every life lost. There are many names on my heart that did not make it into the Joshua basket because their mother’s chose abortion. Over the last 25 years of ministry, I remember the lives lost far more often than the lives God used me to save.

In these painful memory moments, I pray for these post-abortive mothers, knowing that God has a plan in even an abortion tragedy. I praise God for taking the responsibility for every child’s life – even those who are sent back to His care.

What rocks are in your basket? Do you think that God can use you to help others?  He certainly can and it will have little to do with you but everything to do with God working through your heart. The blessing of holding a child that God used you to save is an amazing part of the pregnancy center ministry effort. As Matthew 25:40 relays – ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

It takes all the pressure off to realize that God wants to use us as a vessel of His peace. While our vessel may be cracked and broken, God has graciously assembled us back together into His beautiful vase so that His Holy Spirit could work through our heart! 2 Peter 1:21 shares this truth – For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.





Abortion’s Survivor Guilt

“Sydna, I wouldn’t change my life now,” the young mother wrote. “I can’t imagine life without my children today. If I had not chosen abortion, I may very well not have the kids I have or be where I am right now. That gives me immense guilt because I enjoy my life today.”

Abortion finds many of us at a crossroads. Abortion decisions are often made under pressure by the father, friends or even family. Many feel immediate relief because their crisis has been resolved. That respite is often temporary, giving way to deep feelings of guilt and grief. Denial then arrives to help address the guilt with false mindsets that this “choice” had been a good one.

Denial requires a great deal of emotional energy to maintain and doesn’t last forever. When denial breaks, the realization that a tiny human was lost in that choice can be overwhelming. They look at their living children and realize how their world would have been different had they not chosen abortion.

In these clear moments of understanding, grieving an aborted child can seem like a betrayal to their living children. Without choosing abortion, children born since that choice likely may not exist.

God was clear about taking the lives of children He created, as revealed in Deuteronomy 30:19This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.

Many forget the added dysfunction they endured because they chose abortion. Rarely does abortion improve a life but often it leads to other problematic behaviors. Basic symptoms of abortion pain are typically part of the family dynamic after abortion.

The biggest aspect of abortion pain is the difficulty bonding with present or future children. Looking into the face of my newborn son, I experienced “motherhood wonderment” and immediately fell in love. This blessed emotion transitioned quickly into a painful realization. I was quickly reminded of the child I had lost to abortion. My aborted child then began to haunt my heart, impacting my ability to bond with my new son.

Another common denial breaker is Infertility issues after abortion. When I worked to have my amazing husband’s child, we struggled to get pregnant. Infertility was something I had feared for years but when the reality of it hit me directly, I was overwhelmed with pain and sadness.

The fact that I could have done something as a teenager that would mean my husband may never hold his own child was overwhelming. While my barrenness was medically remedied, many women may not be able to have children for a variety of reasons after abortion.

My lost child would also haunt me at various points before my healing was anchored in my heart. Isaiah 49:15 helped me understand why my aborted child remained a part of my heart – Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you!

I outlined to this post-abortive mother that all our lives would have been different had we made another choice. Before healing, many are unable to fathom a life different from the one they are living and can feel quite guilty for being happy. That idea is quickly met with grief because in order to have this current life, their child(ren) had to die.

Keep in mind that God is the author of all life on earth. He knew the circumstances of our birth before He created us. Jeremiah 1:5 states – Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart….”

All our days were recorded in God’s book before we were even conceived. God knew every child that would be aborted as well. He knew all about the rest of our lives – who we’d marry, our children and how He would move to draw us closer to His grace and mercy.

Because of this Biblical truth, our lives today – even with our choice of abortion – is the one that God planned before the world was formed. While I miss my Jesse immensely, and would love to go back and make another choice, that is not possible. Re-living my teenage years again is impossible.

The siblings of aborted children can also struggle with a level of “survivor guilt” when they know about their aborted sibling. My oldest son was 13 years old when he commented, with a pained expression, “I know losing Jesse was your biggest regret. But if Jesse had been born, I wouldn’t be here, Mom….”

God helped me with a fast response as I could sense his survivor guilt over being alive since his older brother had to die for that to be accomplished.

I said, “That may be true but God knew all about you before He formed the World. He knew that I would abort Jesse too and you can see by all that we do that God turned his death into something that has brought life to thousands of other children. So never believe that your life is wrong because Jesse’s death was the only way you are living today. You know that we have turned Jesse’s death into God’s good – and you are part of God’s good.”

Survivor guilt is something I endured growing up as well. I have two older sisters that died in infancy from separate birth defects. My mother endured three pregnancies before having a healthy child – a son. Since she wanted a daughter, she worked really hard to get pregnant with me.

When we were doing a pregnancy center training seminar in the area where my sisters were buried, I went to visit their graves. It was the first time I had ever felt close to them. When I came home I shared with my mother about that visit. I outlined how I had always dreamed of having my older sisters brushing my hair and keeping my older brother in his place.

My mother laughed and said, “Oh, Sydna, I never wanted four children. If just one of your sisters had lived, I never would have gotten pregnant with you…”

Survivor guilt hit my heart immediately. Thankfully, God helped me process that it was only through my sisters’ deaths that I would have be born!

As I pondered that reality, God reminded my heart of Jeremiah 1 again. He had my sisters safe in His care and was using me in a way that would certainly make them proud. There is no sin in heaven so unhappiness does not exist there. God is the only judge. I’m grateful that my sisters were there to welcome home their nephew on that fateful day of his death in September of 1981.

The enemy enjoys plowing our hearts up with thoughts like these that are designed to increase our wounding and destroy our happiness. Abortion’s lost children are safe and at peace in the company of their Creator. Until the day comes when we meet them, God wants us to find His healing so that we can live life in peace and perhaps help be part of ending abortion’s impact on our world.

If you are feeling guilty about loving your life today, please understand an abortion recovery class can help you find healing. The Her Choice to Heal on-line healing site is available to help you begin to address this pain today. Please take a moment to review the first session and learn more about how this pain impacts women who have made this choice!



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