Ministering to the Abortion Wounded

An Appeal to Post-Abortive Women

by | Jul 24, 2017

I am writing to all women who have chosen abortion in their life. I realize this message reaches you in various states of healing:

  • Some of you are still in deep pain – far from peace – yet to realize that your abortion could be the source of your ongoing upsets,
  • Others of you have been set free by God of any resulting abortion pain. You are quietly living a Godly life after being made whole again by His grace and mercy, understanding abortion triggers and taming your responses,
  • More of you are somewhere between chaos and peace, still working to assure yourself that you made the right choice, all the while denying great grief,
  • Then there are those of you who are still hopeful for God’s peace but still tightly bound by the grave clothes of your children.

You and I – the wounded women who chose abortion and then regretted it – comprise the highest echelons of corporate life, service and educational institutions as well as quiet house-wives, store clerks, nurses, doctors, lawyers . . . .

There is no social level that we don’t belong to in some way.

We are simply everywhere and anxiously awaiting an outflow of compassion from Godly hearts.

Since most of us are still quiet about this choice – out of concern of how our abortion truth could be used against us and/or our families – society does not acknowledge we are among them.

Our silent presence has allowed the abortion industry the benefit of saying that we do not regret this choice. That message only encourages the false premise that abortion somehow helped us when we know that to be a simply impossible truth.

Now is the time of God’s great revival. God’s peace is arriving in the hearts and souls of our shameful and devastated category. With the oncoming war to de-fund the largest abortion provider in the world – Planned Parenthood – the world will be hearing about these clinics and understanding the horror of our experiences under those roofs.

Ramah International is blessed to announce a new website to help women on a path to God’s peace at Her Choice to Heal. Healing is obviously a choice, just like abortion. The Her Choice to Heal website is open to all. Ramah understands it is essential to reach the tens of millions that are still living in the shadow of abortion’s impact. Please help us do more to reach these other wounded women.

Realizing that many are yet to be reached with the hope of God’s healing, healed post-abortive women know to ask the question from women who seem to be locked in grief – “Have you experienced abortion?”

By referring troubled women to the website, you can do more to identify abortion as the source of pain. All of us can help others begin their journey to restoration.

The Her Choice to Heal website is free and open, allowing abortion’s wounded to begin to examine their abortion(s) memories privately. We can use your help. Please pray for our efforts to launch and advertise this abortion healing website to the World.

Please know that Ramah has used a simple team who have produced this website using the pennies God has sent our way. God’s provision will allow us to reach many more in the days to come.

Please support this effort first with your prayers. Then understand that you can quietly recommend and feature this website on social media channels without outing yourself as someone who made this choice as well.

If you have never addressed this pain, why not review our first session that outlines typical post-abortive issues? The source of all your unexpressed agony could be your abortion. Her Choice to Heal’s online healing program can provide you a way to God’s peace.

Others of you have yet to go deeply into your memories of this choice. You are afraid that if you touch that pain, it could make you suicidal. That is not the truth. By beginning to shed the tears your body has been storing for your lost child(ren), your body can finally begin to rid itself of these toxins. Your tears are nothing to be afraid of as they will begin your cleansing process leading to God’s peace.

Some of you reading this are not post-abortive, but you care about someone who made this choice. If a post-abortive person has shared this truth with you, please prayerfully consider bringing it back up with them. By avoiding this topic, you are indirectly showing this individual that you don’t want to know their truth. There was a reason they shared this secret with you. You have more of an influence on her life than you may realize.

Some of you are holding a bitter root against a woman who chose abortion. Perhaps she aborted against your wishes, and you lost a child that you wanted to love in the process. Please begin the work to forgive her of this sin. I do not believe this person meant to wound you so deeply. Open the door to helping her discover God’s peace and begin to bring these lost children back into her heart and out of the enemy’s hand.

If you know a woman’s abortion truth – and she does not know that you know – please simply pray for her. Talking to her directly is not encouraged because of the way you discovered her abortion truth. Prayer is the best tool in God’s arsenal of healing. When you are in her presence, feel free to bring up the topic of abortion. Just do so with overt compassion, vocalizing that there is no sin that God cannot forgive – even abortion.

Should you possess the deep healing from God, yet are unable to share this secret yet, know that you can always go deeper. The Her Choice to Heal website can open new avenues in your mind with God’s help. This site will only encourage you and lead you with Biblical truths and comfort.

For those of you who love someone who is post-abortive, please continue to do so. Encourage her that God has a plan for the abortion issues in our world. His revival is soon approaching and we must be prepared to minister to millions when that time arrives.

Should you feel led to support our efforts to reach abortion’s wounded hearts, donations to our ministry are tax-deductible and represent one of the few Godly fertile soils that can address this pain. Your investment into Ramah International’s efforts to help advance abortion healing will grow exponentially and likely lead to the reduction of abortion services worldwide. Allow God to lead you but please agree to pray for our efforts to do so much more.

In closing, please know that God loves you. He knew before He created the world that some of us would choose abortion. God knows how He can use this abortion pain in the future. All that is needed is for post-abortive hearts to come to Him humbly, believe that Jesus died on the cross for all sin – even abortion – and know that God will soon end abortion in our world.

When that day arrives, it will be very obvious that God’s hand moved the hearts against this horror in our World. We will praise Him like never before and then begin the work to help those still wounded by a past abortion or those who are facing unexpected pregnancies.