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Legacy Lost: Healing Abortion’s Heartache in Grandparents

Legacy Lost: Healing Abortion’s Heartache in Grandparents

Abortion impacts every life it touches. The silent fingers of abortion pain reach into many lives and across all generational lines. Unspoken grief can encircle a family for years without abortion even being mentioned. The pain a grandparent of an aborted child can endure is like that of the mother or father.

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Taming Thanksgiving Triggers After Abortion Vlog

Taming Thanksgiving Triggers After Abortion Vlog

For those who have not embraced God’s healing after abortion, family meals can be a traumatic experience. Consider eating turkey while sitting next to the aunt who dragged you off to the abortion clinic? Or with the cousin who previously bragged about her two abortions?

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My Abortionist’s Remains Vlog

My Abortionist’s Remains Vlog

Check out my first Vlog (video blog) where I share about discovering that Ulrich George Klopfer was my abortionist. This video provides comfort for post-abortive hearts whose emotional and spiritual pain may have been triggered by media coverage of abortion. It is a perfect tool in abortion recovery ministry efforts.

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My Abortionist’s Remains

My Abortionist’s Remains

My abortionist was masked when he appeared at the bottom of my surgical table. I took notice of his height, voice, approximate age and color of his hair as I watched him through my legs that were loaded into stirrups.

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Google’s Abortion Tyranny

Google’s Abortion Tyranny

Last week Internet Giant, Google, BANNED pro-life pregnancy centers from buying Adwords related to the term, “abortion.” Organizations or authors of abortion recovery programs can no longer buy advertising through Google using keywords related to anything abortion.

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Alyssa’s #SexStrike and Abortion’s End

Alyssa’s #SexStrike and Abortion’s End

Just the media discussion of these changes indicate we are on the brink of a massive breakdown of post-abortive defense mechanisms. The biggest trigger of abortion pain will be when abortion is made illegal and they consider they may have done something wrong.

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Her Choice Not to Heal After Abortion

Her Choice Not to Heal After Abortion

Abortion’s emotional and spiritual pain is likely one of worst forms of self-torture that exists in our world today. It binds our hearts to the anxiety and shame that someone could discover this awful truth about us and cast us out.

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Abortion Recovery Blog Her Choice to Heal Finding Spiritual and Emotional Peace After Abortion
Her Choice to Heal is designed to help women find a way to God’s healing after making the devastating choice of abortion.  Written by a post-abortive woman, Sydna Massé, it includes testimonies of strength, healing and hope.Sydna Massé compassionately leads you on the difficult journey through denial, anger, and grief, to forgiveness, redemption, and letting go. Her Choice to Heal offers a road map to healing – practical suggestions, resources for help, space to journal, with the encouragement and hope.
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Forgiving Jane Roe: Abortion’s Secondary Impact

Norma McCorvey, the infamous “Jane Roe” in the Roe v. Wade case that legalized abortion in America on January 22, 1973, stood next to me behind the stage at Focus on the Family. This was one of Miss McCorvey’s first speaking excursions in the pro-life realm since accepting Christ – a 700 person conference for pregnancy center workers in February of 1998. 

Damaging Messages #1: What Not to Say to Post-Abortive People

A large percentage of women (and men) feel clear relief after an abortion because their unplanned pregnancy has been “resolved.” Many go on for decades without even thinking about that choice.

When Abortion Recovery Video Based Programs Fail: The Unexpected “Fall Out” on Post-Abortive Hearts

While abortion recovery video based programs seem popular, I strongly urge a re-evaluation of their overall use.

Dismantling Denial After Abortion

 “Will this affect me, emotionally or psychologically?” I asked the attendant at the abortion clinic before signing their required intake forms. She responded almost with glee, “Oh no.  It’s just a blob of tissue.  This will make your life better!  You have...

You Never Know Who’s Listening

Missing from the mix are the voices of tens of millions who are shattered deeply by the loss of their child(ren). These hearts absorb the murderer/killer title with great shame and guilt. Locked in silent prisons of pain, they reach judgmental conclusions about themselves and believe the worst – that they have committed the unforgivable sin.

When Abortion is a Family Secret

When a mother does not make this choice, it’s normal for her to blame those who insisted she abort. Since she cannot divorce her family, her life can be miserable whenever she’s around those that forced her to take the life of her child.

Woefully Deficient Data: Why Post-Abortive Women Cannot be Defined by Current Research Methods

Imagine receiving a call from a survey company asking, “Has anyone in your home experienced abortion?”

Abortion: Heaven’s Hope

 “You aren’t giving women the hope of seeing their children in heaven, are you, Sydna?” an abortion recovery leader probed me during an initial conversation in my first years in ministry.  “Scripture isn’t clear that the destination of aborted souls is heaven,...

Online Hope for Abortion’s Wounded Hearts

It was my delight to share about Ramah International’s new online abortion recovery website at HerChoicetoHeal.com. By linking her pregnancy center’s donor and client website to this free website, this center is now reaching post-abortive people in their community at a deeper level and God’s healing work is booming.

Does Post-Abortion Syndrome Exist?

One of the biggest battles in the abortion issue has been over whether or not post-abortion syndrome (PAS), a form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as it relates to abortion, really exists among women who have made this choice.

A Novel Approach to Abortion

“Get. Out.” She slammed the door shut again and waited until his footsteps echoed off the last of the wood risers below. Crumbling to the floor, she let the sobs loose. Life had been better when she’d kept her heart on ice.

Abortion’s Impact on the Elderly

One in three American women living today have potentially experienced abortion. Post-abortive individuals are at every level of society, including our nation’s elderly care units like assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

#1in3 Abortion’s Broken Women

 C.S. Lewis once said, “We are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be.” When it comes to a past abortion, embracing a recovery class seems like an agonizing concept but it can truly...

Aborting a Millennial

 Signs bearing the message, “We are the pro-life generation that will abolish abortion!” will be in full view in Washington this week.  Members of the millennial audience, or Generation Y, are expected to turn out in record number for this year’s protest march...

Did She Tell You About Her Abortion?

Post-abortive women often spout their abortion truth in the most unlikely moments. This need for validation is intense when the initial relief period passes. Depending on the listener’s perspective, these confessions can be met with compassion, validation or rejection.

Healing for Abortion’s Bloodguilt

When a woman exits an abortion clinic, leaving her child behind, she is often deeply wounded. She also assumes a new title from society if they discover her abortion sin – murderer.

Four Biological Impacts of Abortion

The biological impact of abortion is often the least understood aspect of this choice due to the lack of scientific research. That fact alone makes research afterwards nearly impossible. Even without detailed research on post-abortive women, science has provided proof of the biological impact of abortion. There are four ways in which a woman’s body is impacted by abortion.

Abortion’s Sinful Women

 “The list of Abortion PTSD symptoms is endless,” the father of a post-abortive woman wrote despondently. “Abortion is something people cannot get over. I know they can say they have, but I don’t see evidence of that.” The hopelessness of this man’s bleak...

Abortion Influencers: What A Fool Believes

 “I thought they killed you up there!” my boyfriend announced as he met me outside the abortion clinic where my unborn child had just died. As the father of my aborted baby announced the possibility of my demise during that procedure, I wondered what other risks...

Helping Your Wife Heal After Abortion

Abortions are typically decided in times of great turmoil. When women share that they had an abortion, the deep details rarely follow this truth. By sharing just the simple truth that they had an abortion, these hearts watch the listener’s reaction closely.

Why Women Choose Abortion Over Adoption

Just reading the word “adoption” filled me with fear of the long-term pain associated with never knowing what happened to my child. Envisioning my baby being ripped from my arms and given to strangers was too much to consider. Abortion seemed far easier in my teenage logic.

Traumatizing Tears After Abortion

 “Sydna, I’m afraid that if I cry for my aborted child, I won’t be able to stop,” my lunch partner confessed. “I’m not suicidal at all. I just want to go to Heaven and hold my baby.  I felt this way when my mother died!  I missed her so much!” Pregnancy loss...

Dreams After Abortion

 “But I aborted to be able to finish college,” the post-abortive woman outlined in her message.  “Now I can’t even move.  I’m in deep depression, have failed two classes and I want to know what is wrong with me!  I can’t see how any of this relates to my abortion...

5 Burdens of Abortion

Abortion impacts a woman’s body, soul and mind. The simple fact that post-abortive women rarely share this truth with others confirms that abortion often has unseen consequences.

The Revenant of an Aborted Child

Revenant is defined as one that returns after death or a long absence. For many post-abortive people, being haunted by their “blob of tissue” is often unexpected.

The Impact of Aborting Imperfect Humans

Many fetal abnormalities are discovered later in the pregnancy. Most are referred to the local abortion clinic for this procedure. Once there, they sit among women like myself who chose to abort for different reasons. Aborting a wanted child in such a situation bears its own form of trauma.

Mom and Dad, I Have Something To Tell You

 Your daughter reveals the dreaded truth, “I had an abortion.” Your mind reacts with thoughts like, “It cannot be… What?  Why?  How come my daughter didn’t come to me?” In the midst of the wondering, a deep seated sense of loss sets in that doesn’t go away. ...

#PregnancyCenters – Walking Among Heroes

 Last month I walked among an amazing group of heroes at the 2015 CareNet conference. Pregnancy center personnel from all over the nation gathered for encouragement, to learn new things and to be revived in their work for life. I wouldn’t call myself an equal to...

After Abortion Segregation

“She became a completely different person overnight,” the caller outlined about her daughter. “I read your blog and believe that she may have chosen abortion.” Abortion changes everything, whether the mother or father knows it or not.

Doritos Superbowl Ad Breaks Abortion Denial

 NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) is angry that during the 50th Superbowl, @Doritos used what they call, “an #antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses,” by featuring  an ultrasound of an unborn baby moving in the womb. NARAL knows “humanizing...

Pregnancy Center Training Seminar 2012

  Sydna Massé shares the story of how God led her to join an abortion recovery class and the impact that healing had on her ministry life.

#AbortionDistortion Abortion Regret

 Planned Parenthood’s touting a July, 2015 Plos One research study that,“examined women’s emotions and reports of whether the abortion decision was the right one for them.”  Based on the lack of obvious regret among a tiny sample of women, pro-aborts joyfully...

#PPShooting – Rescue at Planned Parenthood

 “Everyone needs to remain calm, keep your heads low and follow me to the buses,” the Colorado Springs police officer told us before our evacuation from a lock-down situation at work.  “Our officers have formed a human shield to make sure you all get out of here...

3 Common Mindsets After Abortion

Post-abortion healing often begins when post-abortive women take the tentative step to exit their self-imposed prisons of secrecy to reach out for help. I will never forget the day I summoned the courage to open a booklet entitled, Identifying and Overcoming Post-Abortion Syndrome.

Abortion and Sexual Abuse

Sexual trafficking ministries have long understood the connection between abortion and sexual abuse. For those caught in the web of sexual slavery, abortion is a well-used financial tool for traffickers. Those that escape that imprisonment often report multiple forced abortion experiences.

Addressing Abortion Clinic Verbal Abuse

 “I can’t go to that pregnancy center for abortion recovery. It’s right next to the Right to Life offices and I’m scared of those people,” the young caller outlined when I gave her a referral for an abortion recovery program in her area. She went on to outline...

4 Stages of After Abortion Sadness

It is normal for human beings to avoid or deny sad feelings. Few actively embrace sorrow after abortion due to the fear that their tears could result in depression that could lead to suicide. We then miss the results of embracing sorrow, outlined in Psalm 126:5-6 (NIV) – Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy. Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy…

Does God Approve of Abortion?

Many faith-based hearts prayed before they aborted, asking for God to intervene if this wasn’t His will for them. These ambiguous prayers are often answered, just not in the way we expect.

Beyond Regret Living Victoriously in Christ After Abortion

If you read or hear negative messages that call you a murderer or killer for choosing abortion, remember that you are not alone. To God, your abortion has never been a secret. He loved you then and He still loves you now.

Legacy Lost: Healing Abortion’s Heartache in Grandparents

Abortion impacts every life it touches. The silent fingers of abortion pain reach into many lives and across all generational lines. Unspoken grief can encircle a family for years without abortion even being mentioned. The pain a grandparent of an aborted child can endure is like that of the mother or father.

Realizing Fetal Pain During Abortion

For women who have chosen abortion, the “pain-capable” point can blow their minds. Post-abortive women have often bought the lie that abortion only removes “a blob of tissue.” When you state that a “blob” may feel pain while they are being aborted, the “blob lie” fizzles.

8 Forms of Childhood Strife That Impact Abortion

Family histories that include abortion often contain many other traumatic events. Unplanned pregnancy often results during deep family strife as one generation significantly impacts another. These strife cycles cascade down the family line often ending in a generational circle of discord. Since one generation clearly impacts another, abortion decisions are often repeated down a family line.

#ShoutYourAbortion Consequences

 Planned Parenthood’s recent encouragement to women to tweet their abortion truth using #ShoutYourAbortion will have a long lasting impact not only on the women who responded but also on many families who will read, with horror, about the death of a family...

Myth #3: I’m the Only One That Feels This Way!

 A post-abortive person’s heart can be split – before and after the abortion.   Every element of my life changed when my child died in that Indianapolis abortion clinic in 1981.  Immediately I felt like no one could understand me.  My vow that “no one would ever...

Immediately After Abortion

As someone who chose abortion in my teen years, I understand the various emotions that many experience immediately after abortion. At that time, there were no resources to help me understand the emotions that followed that choice. My hope is that this blog can enlighten you to the common issues some may encounter immediately after an abortion decision so you can understand what you may encounter.

Abortion PTSD Triggers at Planned Parenthood

 “That was the Planned Parenthood where I learned about my unplanned pregnancy in 1981,” I pointed out to Sarah Buler as we looked out the window of the Alternatives of Kalamazoo pregnancy center in Michigan two weeks ago. Over the years, I have purposefully...

5 Spiritual Weights of Abortion

In leaving the abortion clinic, typically one is dead and the other is wounded. It makes no difference that the abortion was a “legal” choice. The end result is the death of a living child. Because that life was voluntarily surrendered, abortion has a different impact on a woman’s heart at a spiritual level.

8 Common Triggers of After Abortion Pain

For those experiencing Abortion PTSD, it is normal for sights, sounds, smells and even feelings they encountered during the time of their abortion decision to ignite memories they are working to forget.

Her Choice Not to Heal After Abortion

Abortion’s emotional and spiritual pain is likely one of worst forms of self-torture that exists in our world today. It binds our hearts to the anxiety and shame that someone could discover this awful truth about us and cast us out.

And The Bride Wore White…

I want to invite you into one of the most private moments of my life. It was the moment my life was sliced in two, if you will. I say it was sliced into two because the person I was before this moment was drastically different from the person I quickly became for many years to come.

What Not to Say to Post-Abortive People

 #3 – Don’t Say – Did you know you lost a blob of tissue/baby/child/zygote/fetus/embryo? Many people have the urge to “set us straight” about our abortion loss. Please understand that our level of healing cannot be judged by our reactions to these statements when...

5 Stages of Denial After Abortion

Every time the word “abortion” is overheard by a post-abortive heart, a trigger of abortion pain can be unleashed. This simple phrase rarely brings any joy to those considering its ramifications. Any one related to a post-abortive person can watch our transformation from blindness on this topic simply by watching our body language and listening to our conversation. Here are five common stages of post-abortive denial…

Russian Evangelism and Post-Abortive Misery

“This is the place where we do the great evil. Will God ever forgive us?” the Russian nurse commented as she opened a large door to her hospital’s abortion area for Ramah’s visiting ministry team.

4 Ways to Address Holiday Pain After Abortion

Every holiday season is filled with reminiscences of celebrations with family and friends, many of whom have gone ahead of us to Heaven. Christmas celebrates God sending His own Son to Earth through a teenage unwed mother. That story, in itself, can trigger unresolved abortion pain.

7 Ways Siblings of Aborted Children Suffer

Sibling abortion grief is often unacknowledged and unprocessed. Many have no clue that they have an aborted brother or sister in heaven. Since abortion is typically kept secret, it can be difficult for living children to understand the source of their parent’s pain.

The Undeniable Stigma of Abortion

 Abortion stigma for me began the moment I realized I was pregnant.  In even considering an abortion, many women cross the line of their own personal conscience. One step can lead to another until you are quickly “pregnant no more.” It is nearly trite to say that...

Stranger at the Abortion Clinic

 “This is an abortion clinic! What is she doing here?” I thought upon noticing a stranger entering the room.  “She does not look like a person who should be having an abortion.” The woman resembled a preppy teenager with short red hair and clear pale skin. ...

Good Grief: Mourning After Abortion

 “I can’t stop crying, Sydna,” the caller outlined. “All I can think about is the child I lost 20 years ago.  What’s happening to me?  Am I going crazy?” While abortion is a death experience, rarely do post-abortive people give themselves permission to grieve. ...

5 Ways Siblings of Aborted Children Suffer

Abortion changes everything. In leaving an abortion clinic, one is dead while the mother is typically wounded in some way. Initially, family members endure the brunt of the emotional, spiritual and psychological fall out. Many have no idea an abortion has occurred.

Compassionately Address a Past Abortion

When someone confesses an abortion secret, they typically are searching for help. Maybe they want to know if they did the right thing. Others test the waters to see if you will judge them.

Abortion, Immigration and the American Dream

 “You are my dreams fulfilled, Sydna,” my Irish maternal grandfather announced upon meeting me at 5 years old. “You are my American grandchild, a citizen of the land flowing with milk and honey!” In last week’s Republican debate, history was made wherein two...

Forgiving Jane Roe Abortion’s Secondary Impact

“Can I have a cigarette first?” Norma McCorvey, the infamous “Jane Roe” in the Roe v. Wade case that legalized abortion in America, stood next to me behind the stage. Her request outlined her apprehension of what would happen over the next five minutes.

What’s Abortion, Mom?

When questions about abortion come out of the blue, parents are often unprepared for these deeper queries from their young children.

The Return of Abortion’s Exiled Women

At some point, God reaches through the darkness of a woman’s self-imposed exile to call His children back into His fellowship. It is then that God rolls away the clouds from our sub-conscious and truth is presented. Memories that God resurrects cannot be pushed away easily. If they aren’t faced, God will continue to propel them into your heart.

The Ministry Fruit of An Aborted Child

We simply should never take God’s fruit as our own. If we take the personal credit for saving lives, then we also become responsible for every life lost to abortion. When God receives the full credit for lives saved, He also assumes responsibility for the lives lost to abortion. 

The Human Face of Abortion

For most of us who made this choice, this is a secret we dare not share. If people – even loved ones – knew about our abortion decision, they would not like us, love us, or associate with us.

Forgiving Myself for Aborting My Child

 “There is no sin that God can’t forgive – even abortion,” Dr. James Dobson outlined during my first day working at Focus on the Family in October of 1991. “The problem may be you don’t forgive yourself, and you may need help.” His simple point was amazingly...

The REAL War on Women

 “Why would I want to hold your hand?” I naively responded to the “nurse” at the abortion clinic as she helped me onto the surgical table. Her matter-of-fact response sent chills through my body, “Because you didn’t pay extra for anesthesia so this is going to...

Elements of Abortion PTSD: Replacing a Lost Child After Abortion

Anxiety over fertility and childbearing issues is a common element of Abortion PTSD. Some women maintain a fear that they might never again become pregnant.

Message of Hope to Abortion’s Wounded

Our team is here to help anyone struggling after an abortion decision. Please know that there is no sin that God cannot forgive, even abortion. The problem maybe you don’t forgive yourself and may need help. The HerChoicetoHeal.com website can help you discover God’s peace and mercy so that you can process this pain in a healthy manner. Visit HerChoicetoHeal.com today!

Abortion In our Midst: Helping Post-Abortive Individuals Discover God’s Healing

One third of all American women are post-abortive. You encounter us – in supermarkets, teaching your children, running day care centers, and at the top levels of corporations.

Missing Women

Imagine the bus or the subway or the car that takes you to work, then erase the females commuting alongside you. Erase your wife and your daughter. Or erase yourself. Imagine this and you come close to picturing the problem.

Discovering Amazing Faith in the Midst of Life’s Storms

This past summer our family was forced to file for personal bankruptcy. The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill may be a memory to most of you but we will always remember it as the tool God used to move us out of Florida.

10 Comforts When Family Members are Aborted

Aborted children don’t show up on a missing person’s list. Their remains aren’t in mortuaries or funeral homes. They are often unacknowledged by their parents which means the secret of their brief lives is rarely shared with others. That doesn’t mean there isn’t related grief when this truth is discovered.

Is Abortion a Sin?

I was a Christian when I entered an abortion clinic. My boyfriend and I were both pastor’s kids. Our sexual relationship was obviously sinful but I could rationalize it because everyone was doing it. That began a habit of sin justification that led to my child’s eventual demise.

I Would Have Marched in a Pink Pussy-Cat Hat

Many souls wearing pink pussy-cat hats on Saturday’s march were likely post-abortive. No one defends abortion like those who have chosen it – at least, initially. Anger is typically a necessary element of any abortion rights protests.

Ongoing Grief After Abortion

God created tears to help us heal. Tears have a biological purpose in helping cleanse our bodies of toxins. There is also a whole book of the Bible on grief – Lamentations – that outlines crying is good for us, whenever it arrives.

Respecting an Abortion Secret

The consequences for an abortion confessor can be difficult for the non-post-abortive to imagine. This level of rejection is not for the faint of heart.

The Traumatic Impact of Medication Abortion

Unlike a surgical abortion procedure, the mother will likely view a tiny human when it passes out of her uterus.

Forgiving Abortion Enablers

Women do not get pregnant by themselves. Rarely do they end up in abortion clinics without being impacted by the opinion of others. Whether through direct or indirect involvement, abortion enablers are those who encourage, bully, intimidate, coerce or assist women in choosing abortion.

Abortion’s Bloodguilt: He Died for That!

 “God cannot forgive my abortion sin, Sydna,” a post-abortive woman concluded during a phone conversation.  “The blood of my child will always be on my hands!” This is a common illogical mindset among post-abortive hearts.  When we confess, many simply don’t...

Masculine Abortion PTSD

 A man can never say, “I had an abortion.”  That doesn’t mean when a man’s child is aborted that he hasn’t experienced Abortion PTSD at an emotional, spiritual and psychological level. Masculine Abortion PTSD can be varied depending upon the father’s involvement...

The Deadly Impact of Abortion Antagonists

A woman doesn’t make an abortion decision in a bubble. She typically enlists the insight and “wisdom” of others. Many then assume the role of abortion antagonist – a person who actively opposes or is hostile to a tiny human growing in another person’s womb.

Abortion: A Special Place in Hell

 Madeleine Albright apologized in the NY Times this weekend for her February 5, 2016 statement supporting Hillary Clinton, where she outlined, “There is a special place in hell for women that don’t help each other.”   Albright’s comment struck a chord in my...

A Pastor’s Compassion for the Post-Abortive

She walked into my office. I could tell she was nervous. When I heard her story I could tell why. She was post-abortive, she had a new boyfriend and was afraid to tell him her story.

After Abortion: A Note to the Recently Post-Abortive Person

As someone who chose abortion in my teen years, I understand the various emotions that many post-abortive people endure afterwards. Today, tomorrow or years from now.

My Abortionist’s Remains

My abortionist was masked when he appeared at the bottom of my surgical table. I took notice of his height, voice, approximate age and color of his hair as I watched him through my legs that were loaded into stirrups.

Ramah Reviews – Living In Color: The Goal of Post-Abortion Recovery

Think of it like a brownie that has salmonella included in the recipe. Would you eat that brownie? I wouldn’t. So we have made the decision NOT to use this program at our center.

4 Costs of Sharing an Abortion Secret

Today there are active efforts by pro-choice and pro-life groups to encourage women to share their abortion stories. Twitter campaigns like #shoutyourabortion and #1in3 are designed to NORMALIZE an abortion experience and reduce any related stigma. Sadly, in sharing this tale prior to God’s healing, more trauma can result for everyone involved.

Abortion PTSD: How Do I Know I Need Healing?

 If you are one of the millions of women who have experienced abortion, you know that the memories associated with this experience can be difficult and even painful. Yet months and years may go by without any remembrance of the abortion. Then you find yourself...

Pro-Choice Abortion Recovery Programs

Pro-choice efforts to comfort those who may be upset after their abortion typically has only one goal – to reinforce that their abortion had been a GOOD choice.

Strategies to Tame Triggers of After Abortion Pain

Triggers of Abortion PTSD often arrive unexpectedly, activating a deep and forgotten pain. Since many post-abortive people work to forget this choice, the spark of these triggers can send them into a whirlwind of emotional anxiety.

Why Didn’t God Stop Me?

 “I asked God to stop me if aborting wasn’t His will for my life. When He didn’t, I felt it was okay. Why didn’t He stop me, Sydna?” the post-abortive woman asked. Many faith-based hearts prayed before they aborted, asking for God to intervene if this wasn’t His...

How Will Post-Abortive Women Vote?

But what about the one third of American voting women who have chosen abortion? How will they vote? The answer often depends on the time that has passed since their abortion experience.

9 Ways to Help Someone After Abortion

Everyone is impacted by abortion, whether they know it or not. If you care about people who have chosen abortion, here are nine things to consider when attempting to help them.

Remembering the Aborted: His Name is Jesse!

 “Trust us,” my abortion recovery leader requested. “A memorial service for your aborted child will be a healing experience.” With each video release about Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted baby body parts from the Center for Medical Progress, America is now...

8 Things Not to Say to a Post-Abortive Individual

Abortion has become a common American experience. Just because we, the post-abortive, don’t talk about it doesn’t mean it’s not impacting us.

I Never Heard From Them Again

Ramah International’s main goal is to help individuals experiencing abortion pain find God’s healing. Whether this is by talking to them directly and helping them discover God’s healing, writing blogs that answer their deepest questions, taking calls because they are pregnant again and considering abortion, or in referring them to local abortion recovery programs.

Abortion’s Survivor Guilt

Abortion finds many of us at a crossroads. Individuals can easily forget the added dysfunction they endured because they chose abortion. Rarely does abortion improve a life but often it leads to other problematic behavior that impact family life.

Justice After Abortion

 “I must have been sleeping for the last ten years,” the caller screamed.  “I’ve been blinded to the horrors of my own abortion.  I lived in denial that has evaporated.  I don’t need healing.  I need to end this horror for other women by working to make abortion...

Abortion’s Fake News

At the time, I was offered the fake news that abortion was safe and legal. It was my right as a woman to control my body. It would even make my life better by allowing me to erase this mistake and have a do-over. They said there was plenty of time to make other choices.

Myths Post-Abortive People Can Believe: #2 Pro-lifers are my Enemy

 Myth #2 – Pro-lifers are my Enemy Many post-abortive individuals report they are apprehensive of judgment and rejection from pro-life individuals specifically.  Most relay they feel more comfortable and secure around pro-choice individuals as they perceive these...

7 Reasons Not to Abort Again

If someone walks back into an abortion clinic to abort again, they typically re-live their first abortion emotionally, spiritually, psychological, biologically and physically during the second abortion. The trauma is then often doubled or even tripled.

Postpartum Depression After Abortion

Abortion clearly involves giving birth. It obviously involves the loss of a child. However you view the abortion issue, there is no denying that this form of voluntary child loss has a physical impact on the women that choose it.

Taming Thanksgiving Triggers After Abortion Vlog

For those who have not embraced God’s healing after abortion, family meals can be a traumatic experience. Consider eating turkey while sitting next to the aunt who dragged you off to the abortion clinic? Or with the cousin who previously bragged about her two abortions?

My Abortionist’s Remains Vlog

Check out my first Vlog (video blog) where I share about discovering that Ulrich George Klopfer was my abortionist. This video provides comfort for post-abortive hearts whose emotional and spiritual pain may have been triggered by media coverage of abortion. It is a perfect tool in abortion recovery ministry efforts.

Abortion Anesthesia and Pain

Obviously, the pain women endure during an abortion varies greatly. To learn more about how abortion clinics present the anesthesia option, we recently surveyed abortion clinic websites and learned some basic truths

A Personal Abortion Story by Sydna Masse

Sydna Massé is a rare pro-life speaker when she shares her story of walking into an abortion clinic and losing her child. Watch this video to see how a pregnancy center could have made all the difference in her choice to abort. Sydna shares how – years later – a pregnancy center helped her find God’s healing and grace. If you are searching for a pro-life event speaker, Watch this video!

I Can Hear You: Called a Murderer or Killer

 The caller shouted in my ear, “How dare she compare her loss to my miscarriage. After all, she MURDERED her child!” No one had ever attacked me in such a way during a radio interview. The conversation up until that point with the show’s host and the director of...

You Must Be Post-Abortive!

The requirement that, “You must be post-abortive,” astounded me. Nothing rattles me more than when abortion recovery programs openly DISCRIMINATE and REJECT God’s anointed people simply because they have never experienced abortion.  As a direct result of this cliquish rule, abortion recovery efforts have diminished over the years versus increased because there simply are not enough healed post-abortive people to administer these programs nationwide.

Finding the Faith to Face the Pain

When I started my abortion recovery class, I was only there because of God. Our Creator seemed to insist in so many ways that I attend. He even put the words into my mouth when I voluntarily agreed to attend as part of taking a new job.

Paralyzing Post-Abortive Shame

 If one third of American women have experienced abortion, why is it that you rarely hear anyone confess to this choice?   Abortion is typically cloaked in secrecy.  Post-abortive silence speaks volumes about the post-abortive shame that is often associated with...

Don’t Give the Liberal Media Your Abortion Story!

If healing has yet to be established in their post-abortive heart, the emotional impact of compiling 250-500 words about one of the worst days of their lives can be staggering.

Ministering to Abortion’s Wounded Hearts

God blessed our year by allowing us to minister to abortion’s wounded at a new and deeper level. Many of you have prayed for our efforts and financially donated as well. Thank you. As I reflect back on 2017, please know your support has certainly impacted every praise we are outlining in this message!

Adele, Abortion and Motherhood

Could there be a scientific reason for the emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual pain that can result after abortion?

Ways to Offer Indirect Post-Abortive Compassion

 “I know you had an abortion, Sydna!” my mother screamed at the end of a horrific telephone argument in 1985. My abortion four years earlier had been a difficult secret to maintain. My mother’s secret knowledge of my choice had obviously festered in her heart for...

Abortion’s Generational Curse

When a family unit is steeped in dysfunction, sexual abuse and abortions abound. Grandmothers or mothers who aborted often encourage daughters and granddaughters to do the same. Abortion then becomes a family habit or a generational curse.

Abortion’s Haunting Impact

When the aborted child’s placenta detaches from his mother’s womb, the mother often feels this separation deep within her soul. This “emptiness” often feels haunting as an abortion experience is difficult to ignore or forget.

#MeToo and Abortion Pain

 “My abortion was far more traumatic than the rape, Sydna,” the young woman shared during an abortion recovery program I was leading. “Why didn’t anyone tell me that abortion would be so hard? Even Christians recommended I abort but I didn’t think it would be so...

God’s Purpose in Abortion Pain

 “I’ve confessed my sin, Sydna, to you and God,” the woman outlined. “I’ve attended a weekend abortion recovery retreat as well. Why isn’t the pain gone now? Why isn’t God healing me faster?” Post-abortive women often spend a lot of emotional energy in denying or...

6 Ways Abortion Can Impact the Family

Abortion impacts everyone, whether they know it or not. It is a choice that influences not only the woman but also everyone related to them. If someone you know changes their behavior overnight – and seems to become someone else – suspect they may have chosen abortion.

6 Impacts of Abortion on the Family

When I decided to abort, I captured the false promise that afterwards I could go on as if nothing happened. The choice seemed the best for everyone involved – particularly my family. I believed this choice would afford both myself, my present and future family several advantages.

The Post-Abortive Woman’s Vote

My first DNC call to voters required reading a script that outlined my support for “abortion.” I was shocked that simply voicing the word produced immediate anxiety in my heart. I hung up, left the precinct and never returned.

5 Types of Anger After Abortion

Anger typically surrounds women before and after their abortion. Anger assists in addressing – or covering up – typical after abortion emotions like fear, guilt, longing, frustration, or hopelessness.

Mom, What’s Abortion?

With the approaching battle in Congress to remove Planned Parenthood funding, parents need to be prepared to answer this question from their children. Whether you have experienced an abortion or not, educating our children about abortion’s devastation will help ENSURE they never make such a choice.

8 Reasons Women Abort Again and Again

When God makes the reality of abortion obvious to a post-abortive soul, many feel they deserve incarceration – even the death penalty. Sadly, the worst prisons can be in our own minds.

Mile Marker 223 – South of Birmingham

The vehicle then cut across our traffic lane ahead of us and hit the right embankment very hard. As Tom pulled our car to a stop, we watched this automobile flip two times and come to a grinding thud less than 25 yards in front of us.

Alyssa’s #SexStrike and Abortion’s End

Just the media discussion of these changes indicate we are on the brink of a massive breakdown of post-abortive defense mechanisms. The biggest trigger of abortion pain will be when abortion is made illegal and they consider they may have done something wrong.

4 Male Mindsets that Influence Abortion

A woman cannot get pregnant alone. Society often places the entire responsibility for an abortion choice on the mother who walked into the clinic. Yet for every aborted child, there is a father who may or may not have been involved in their child’s death.

The Dynamics of God’s Love

Many of us who have been raised in traumatic circumstances have a hard time understanding the nature of love. “God is love.” What does that mean? I spent a great deal of my life fearing God, particularly so after my abortion.

Before Sharing the Secret of Abortion

 After three undercover videos outlining that our world’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, sells the body parts of aborted children, many post-abortive people are outraged, along with many others. Post-abortive denial was broken forever in these...

Taking Home

Our concept of “home” often depends on what we learned about this abode in the past. If home life was difficult and painful, achieving peace and love in our current circumstances can be a struggle.

4 Ways To Relieve Christmas Pain After Abortion

During Christmas, many discover that their emotional and spiritual pain related to an abortion choice can peak, robbing them of any seasonal joy.

Post-Abortive Women Cannot Be Researched

 Imagine receiving a call from a survey company who asks, “Has anyone in your home experienced abortion?” If you are post-abortive, would you answer affirmatively?  Likely not! Women are typically hesitant to reveal they have made this choice to friends and...

#1in3Speaks Increasing Abortion’s Stigma

 “No one will ever have to know you were pregnant,” the orderly at my abortion clinic outlined dryly. “You can go on with your life as if nothing ever happened!” I absorbed her comments, working to believe her. She “sold” my abortion as something that would...

Myths Post-Abortive People Can Believe: #1 Abortion is Unforgivable

Post-abortive individuals often view their choice to abort as unforgivable in the eyes of God. Many also struggle in forgiving others who participated in their abortion choice.

4 Ways Abortion Wounds Women

Abortion impacts a woman’s body, soul and mind. The simple fact that she will rarely share this truth with others confirms that abortion often has unseen consequences. Abortion is also a difficult truth to harbor in a heart.

God’s Forgiveness After Abortion

 “The pastor said my abortion is an unforgivable sin because I blasphemed the Holy Spirit in rejecting His gift of life,” a post-abortive woman outlined in an e-mail message.  “There is no hope for me to ever enter Heaven, Sydna, right?” The wounded woman’s...

Stranger at the Abortion Clinic

Bright red splotches appeared over her neck revealing her obvious stress and discomfort in this dark environment. She walked like a terrified lamb, obviously ready to flee the spirit of death that encircled her heart.

Fighting Forgetfulness After Abortion

After abortion, women typically work to forget they ever made such a choice. If pain and grief don’t manifest themselves quickly, they can appear as a delayed reaction in years to come.

Abolishing Abortion Strongholds

 “I’ve had too many abortions, Sydna,” the caller outlined. “God simply cannot forgive me.” My response is always the same – There is no sin that God cannot forgive – even abortion. The problem may be you don’t forgive yourself and may need some help. The myth...

An Appeal to Post-Abortive Women

An appeal to post-abortive women who are still in search of God’s healing to begin to address this pain using Ramah International’s new website at herchoicetoheal.com.

How Washington and the Media Impact Post-Abortive Hearts

There is clear reason for alarm. The U.S. government seems adamant in expanding abortion rights at a level we never anticipated – both here and around the world.

The Benefits of Grief

Over the years I have met a handful of women who truly did heal from this pain miraculously. I’ve never doubted anyone healing initially. God clearly can do anything He wants to do. But this “instant healing” is rare.

When A Christian Aborts

I continued, “In 2014, 24% of abortion patients were Catholic, 17% were mainline Protestant, 13% were evangelical Protestant and 8% identified with some other religion. Churched women are more likely to abort due to shame issues.”

Making Abortion Unthinkable

The number and rate of abortions tallied by federal authorities have fallen to their lowest level in decades. The abortion rate for 2013 was half the rate recorded in 1980. The CDC tallied 664,435 abortions in 2013, discovering that the abortion rate was down 20 percent from 2004.

Damaging Messages #2: What Not to Say to Post-Abortive People

 "I don’t support what you did, but I’m here to support you." This comment voices disdain for the individual and reverts the conversation back to you and your heart on the abortion issue.  This can be very damaging to the individual who needs unconditional...

Truth vs. Condemnation After Abortion

 “If she isn’t comfortable being called murderer, then she’s not healed!” the FB comment outlined on a shared post of my recent blog entitled, “I Can Hear You.” Since May, 2015, I’ve been blogging daily about elements of the American post-abortive experience,...

Oprah’s #ShoutYourAbortion Fallout

This abortion proud hashtag has now been tweeted over 300,000 times. Whatever the reasons for participating in this promotion, the use of this hashtag can have massive implications for the American family whose members have been lost to abortion.

Intimate Abortion Involvement: The Secondary Impact of Abortion PTSD

Rarely will a woman confess to a past abortion. Even more uncommon is for involved friends or family members to bring up the topic afterwards.

Our Ministry Rocks

Judy concluded, “Put a stone in this basket and write on it the name of every life God touches through your lovely heart. This basket will serve to strengthen your ministry and encourage your heart in years to come that God is using you mightily. I’m glad that my rock is there first!”

Eight Lies About Abortion

There are eight common lies about abortion that are being promoted by abortion advocates today. Because few women will discuss their abortion in public, these abortion falsehoods are still in place to encourage abortion decisions today.

Thanksgiving Triggers After Abortion

Immediately after abortion, many post-abortive people enjoy a period of relief. The anxiety of an unexpected pregnancy has been resolved, if only for a while. Individuals often work to forget this choice and go on with their lives. Sadly, many find that the emotional and spiritual pain of abortion can peak after being triggered, particularly during holiday events.

5 Steps to Begin Healing After Abortion

 After abortion, many come to a point of asking themselves, “Okay, so I had an abortion. But that is in the past. Do I really need to be healed?” Some women seemingly never need to work through any kind of healing process. But for many, the memory of the abortion...

The Health Benefits of Tears After Abortion

Abortion is an obvious death experience but few realize that truth when they make this choice. Society often communicates that if you make a choice to reject parenthood, grief is not necessary. Yet the heart often has a mind of its own where sorrow is concerned.

Dislodging America’s Abortion Pain

Today we stand, waiting in deeper faith than ever before, anticipating a whole new civil rights battle, designed to reduce America’s horrific involvement in the systematic destruction of the lives of our tiniest citizens. But we can’t do it alone!

Abortion Clinics Health Inspections

 Have you ever endured food poisoning after eating out at a restaurant?  One Illinois buffet sickened an entire team of Ramah trainers before a conference.  The common denominator was the ranch dressing at the salad bar.  For those of us who consumed that...

Ramah International 2016 Ministry Update

Sydna Masse provides an update on the ministry accomplishments of Ramah International in 2016 along with plans for ministry advancement in 2017.

5 Ways to Heal Grandparent Pain After Abortion

“I feel like I’m in a grief pit with no way out and no one to talk to,” the grandparent of an aborted child painfully outlined. “I don’t even have a right to say I’m a grandmother.”

Understanding Abortion’s Wounded Women

 “You’re pregnant!” the Planned Parenthood “counselor” in Kalamazoo, Michigan announced to me in August, 1981. I was just 19 years old, preparing for my sophomore year at a Christian college. Instantly, my whole world shattered. Abortion was the only solution...

Abortion’s Anniversary Anguish

Anniversary pain can be focused on the date of the abortion or the due date of the aborted child. When these dates resurface, unknown sorrow can result. Many times there is relief in understanding that this pain has a source.

Pregnancy Scare!

Abortion is completely hypothetical until you find yourself in a potential unexpected pregnancy. A pregnancy scare can lead anyone to consider the abortion option. However, when those individuals who considered themselves “pro-life” actually abort, their pain afterwards can be greatly intensified because they knew better.

After Abortion: Helping A Loved One Find God’s Healing

Realize that the post-abortive are always within listening range. Many have overheard judgmental conversations that relayed messages like, “I think any woman that chooses abortion should go to prison!”

Adele, Motherhood and Abortion

 “When I became a parent, I felt like I was truly living. I had a purpose, where before I didn’t,” singer Adele confessed in a March, 2016 Vogue article. At 27 years old, this very successful woman simply stated the truth – she was enjoying life with her...

Google’s Abortion Tyranny

Last week Internet Giant, Google, BANNED pro-life pregnancy centers from buying Adwords related to the term, “abortion.” Organizations or authors of abortion recovery programs can no longer buy advertising through Google using keywords related to anything abortion.

The Right to Remain Silent After Abortion

 “I don’t understand why women aren’t flooding onto platforms to share their abortion truth, Sydna,” a male pro-life leader declared during a long ago phone conversation.  “I’m angry that you aren’t pushing women to take a stand against abortion when you know...

Silent No More: Sharing the Secret of Abortion

 It was a lonely spot being one of the first women to pioneer sharing an abortion testimony on a public platform. When I taped my first broadcast for a major Christian ministry in 1992, I had just opened my heart to look at my past abortion pain. Ministry life...

4 Male Mindsets That Affect Abortion Decisions

While men may not possess any legal rights in the abortion decision, they have more influence than they sometimes realize. That power typically depends on the strength of their relationship with the child’s mother.

Help Someone Who May be Post-Abortive

If you know someone who may be maintaining an abortion secret, bringing up your knowledge of their abortion directly can be wounding. A better way is to compassionately address those that have chosen abortion indirectly versus confronting them.

A Simple Question – “Number of Pregnancies?”

I was hesitant to share my abortion secret with anyone — especially a physician. However, fear of condemnation and my own shame never over-ruled my conscience and I was normally truthful.

Elements of Abortion PTSD: Abortion Anniversary Agony

 I found myself crying all night.  My eyes were sealed shut with mucus the next morning due to the extent of my tears. The third week in March was always a bad week for me after my abortion in 1981.  Without knowing anything about Abortion PTSD, I never connected...

Abortion Pain in the Elderly Heart

Elderly post-abortive people exist all over the world. Many often encounter no obvious regret until nearing the end of their lives. Some have found God’s peace by quietly serving others. Others have lost not only children but grand and great grandchildren as well.

The Irish Abortion Vote

Nowhere in the world is abortion more unusual than in Ireland. One of the few common elements in the South and North of Ireland is the absence of legalized abortion.

If She Doesn’t Know You Know

If you know a loved one who may be maintaining an abortion secret, confronting them directly about this truth may not be God’s best plan. Thankfully, there are many other ways to address an abortion secret indirectly.

How Many Women Have Chosen Abortion?

Accurate statistics on the demographics of post-abortive people is nearly impossible to discover for many reasons. I cite abortion provider’s statistics simply because they are the only ones that come into direct contact with us.