Lies About Abortion

Eight Lies About Abortion

by | Apr 4, 2016

Abortion seemed like a lie worth believing when I discovered my unplanned pregnancy in my local Planned Parenthood office at 19 years of age. The falsehoods Planned Parenthood sold to me that day would reverberate in my life forever.  Sadly, I bought their well marketed deceptions and never questioned their perceived “authority” on the topic of abortion.

Many of these same deceitful messages are still being marketed to our youth today. Because few women will discuss their abortion in public, these abortion falsehoods are still in place to encourage abortion decisions today.

Here are eight typical lies about abortion that are being promoted by abortion advocates today:

  1. Abortion terminates a pregnancy but does not entail losing a baby– In viewing fetal development after my abortion, I was shocked to learn that, at seven weeks gestation, my baby had hands and feet along with a recognizable face. I realized, in horror, that I had sacrificed a tiny human being versus a “blob of tissue.”
  2. Abortion is a “safe” procedure that does not impact fertility– Seven years after my abortion, I was married and struggling with infertility. My physician outlined the uterine lining is very delicate and easily damaged, particularly by surgical procedures like abortion.  While my infertility was fixable, many are unable to get pregnant after abortion for a variety of physical reasons.
  3. Abortion allows a person to remain sexually “pure” in the eyes of family– Planned Parenthood outlined that by aborting my pregnancy, my parents would never know I had lost my virginity. Abortion induced pain led to advanced promiscuity issues in my life. These behaviors made me look like a whore to my parents just one year later.
  4. Abortion is the “mature” choice in a teenage unplanned pregnancy– Abortion propaganda outlines it is “immature” to bring a child into the world that a parent cannot support. Sadly, abortion induced depression quickly led me into a life of promiscuity, drug and alcohol abuse, lowering my overall maturity level significantly. Giving birth would have matured me as I would have avoided all these abortion induced dysfunctional behaviors.
  5. Abortion allows a woman to finish college and have a better future for her children– Abortion induced agony and dysfunction often overwhelms a woman’s heart to the point that she cannot focus on her studies. Many drop out as a result and never complete their education. My grades tanked after my abortion. I struggled to focus on any endeavor that could only be achieved by sacrificing my own child.
  6. Abortion enables a woman to free themselves from a life-long connection to the father of the baby– My boyfriend’s abortion coercion outlined he was not my knight in shining armor. I did not want to be connected to him for the rest of my life so I aborted. Afterwards, my boyfriend’s abuse increased.  He used my abortion truth as a blackmail weapon, threatening to share my secret if I didn’t do exactly as he wanted. While I was eventually able to leave him, other women can be held hostage to these brutal men forever to protect their abortion secret.
  7. Abortion makes life better– Abortion ruined my life. From the overwhelming physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological impact, I was never the same person again. Only God could help me find peace and it’s been a lifelong process. I’ve recently begun to grieve the grandchildren this baby would have provided to my life. As a teenager, grandchildren were the last thing on my mind.
  8. Abortion empowers women!– Where are these empowered women? If abortion is so common that 1 in 3 American women have made this choice, why is it that society rarely hears a positive abortion confession? Nothing inspires more intense emotional and spiritual pain like abortion. While it’s typical to feel relief immediately afterwards, that respite is temporary. Many eventually admit, perhaps many years later, that abortion was their biggest regret in life.

God knows all about our pain and secrets. We immaturely trusted that those in position of authority would be truthful in their advertisement of abortion’s benefits. It is a rare person that experiences abortion with a murderous mindset. Many are simply tricked into believing the lies of abortion.

While abortion induced pain can impact us deeply, God surrendered His own Son to this Earth to die for all our sins – even abortion – because it was the only way we could be with Him forever. Turn to God now with an open heart and ask Him for help. Then began to read the Bible to draw closer to His presence. His Word will plant a new seed in your heart to strengthen you and give you a hope for your future.

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, visit your local pregnancy center for accurate information and complete support. If abortion induced pain has devastated your life, or that of a loved one, please know that God can heal, redeem and restore. Visit our online abortion recovery program at to learn more about how abortion has impacted your heart and begin your healing journey with God.