Abortion Enablers

Forgiving Abortion Enablers

by | May 9, 2016

“I never would have aborted had my boyfriend not bullied me into it, Sydna,” the recently post-abortive woman outlined in an e-mail message.  “My anger against him is consuming me.”

Women do not get pregnant by themselves.  Rarely do they end up in abortion clinics without being impacted by the opinion of others.  Whether through direct or indirect involvement, abortion enablers are those who encourage, bully, intimidate, coerce or assist women in choosing abortion.  If you “supported” a woman’s choice to abort in any way, you fit the abortion enabler category.

While I had entered that clinic of my own free will and have taken responsibility for this choice, I was deeply conflicted.  For weeks my boyfriend had encouraged, argued and reinforced that abortion was our only option.  He would accept no other choice but abortion.  His intimidation factored strongly into my reluctantly entering a place that would change my life forever.

If society labels me a murderer for my abortion decision, then the young man who bullied me into that clinic deserves the same title.  He was certainly an accessory to our child’s death which means he deserves the same punishment.

Had this young man gallantly proposed when he learned of my unplanned pregnancy, I would have been spared the emotional, spiritually, physical and psychological trauma that nearly ruined my life.  As I hobbled down the four flights of stairs after my horrific abortion, my boyfriend met me at the door.  Deep anger overwhelmed me when I saw his face.  I would never respect or love him again. 

Abortion is not the glue that keeps people together but a lightning bolt of horror that forever separates the involved hearts.  If you are still with the individual who got you pregnant, then God is all over your relationship because it is very rare.

My consuming anger towards the father of my baby overwhelmed me for years.  It was unhealthy and sinful at many levels because I wasn’t dragged into that clinic.  After 25 years in the public eye talking about our abortion, this man has yet to offer me any remorse for his actions.  Yet forgiving him was very necessary in discovering God’s healing.

Forgiving an abortion enabler is not excusing them for their actions.  It isn’t forgetting what they did to us.  Nor is it understanding why they did what they did.  We don’t have to trust them again because trust must be earned.  God doesn’t ask us to approve of how they treated us.

The key in forgiving abortion enablers is that God wants us to stop holding them accountable for their sins against us.  He wants us to let HIM hold them accountable instead.  Romans 14:10 outlines, We will all stand before God’s judgment seat. 

Scripture is filled with other mandates on forgiving those who wronged us.  These include:

God isn’t asking us to say that the impact of these abortion enablers doesn’t matter.  If you were lied to, misinformed, intimidated and even abused, it matters.  All the negative aspects of your abortion decision are known to God.  It’s time to let these individuals off your heart’s “hook” and give that burden over to the Creator of the Universe.  As you forgive them, God will remove the vengeful spirit that can consume us and provide new insights of comfort.

If you have experienced abortion, make a list of the abortion enablers related to this choice.  List anyone who had a part, big or small, known or unknown.  Explore your reasons for resenting them. Then pray through each name on the list, asking God to help you see them in a new light, and to forgive them.  Then turn them over to God for repayment of their debt to you.

Should you identify as an abortion enabler, understand that you have sinned and deserve the “murderer” title.  Perhaps you accompanied a friend to an abortion clinic after they begged for your support.  Maybe you recommended a friend abort a baby that had fetal deformities.   For whatever reason, abortion enablement is a sin that God can forgive, redeem and use to His glory.

Romans 5: 20b-21 outlines – But where sin increased, grace increased all the more, so that, just as sin reigned in death, so also grace might reign through righteousness to bring eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

There is no sin that God cannot forgive – or help you forgive. If you are struggling with your involvement in an abortion decision, or have experienced abortion personally, an abortion recovery program, offered through pregnancy centers, can help you find God’s amazing peace. God’s love is big enough to forgive any sin – even abortion and abortion enablers.