God's Forgiveness After Abortion

God’s Forgiveness After Abortion

by | Apr 25, 2016

“The pastor said my abortion is an unforgivable sin because I blasphemed the Holy Spirit in rejecting His gift of life,” a post-abortive woman outlined in an e-mail message.  “There is no hope for me to ever enter Heaven, Sydna, right?”

The wounded woman’s pastor used Mark 3:28-30 to make his point – Assuredly, I say to you, all sins will be forgiven the sons of men, and whatever blasphemies they may utter; but he who blaspheme against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is subject to eternal condemnation…

In the depths of self-loathing that often results after abortion, many believe ungodly messages that twist one sin into the unforgivable category.  Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.

If you have experienced abortion, God already knows about your choice.  You can’t surprise Him with that truth.  He not only knows what you did, He was there by your side when it happened.  When your child was conceived, God was there.  When you took that positive pregnancy test, God was there.  When you couldn’t sleep, or maybe panicked and planned, He was there.

Maybe you didn’t hear His voice then?  Maybe your fears drowned it out?  Or perhaps you closed your ears and didn’t listen as He put events, people or signs in your way to discourage this choice.  God knew you’d chose abortion and He stayed with you.  His love continued.

God wants to forgive us.  He sent His own Son, Jesus Christ, to earth to take on our sin burden so that we could receive His full forgiveness (John 3:16).  God hears our intimate thoughts and knows everything we are thinking and feeling.  He sees our struggling, tender side reaching out to Him for mercy. He also knows the brutal hearts that persecute others with false messages about His nature.

Eternal condemnation doesn’t occur in hearts who turn to God in repentance.  What cannot be forgiven is the personal sin (and its effects) on the person who dies without repenting.

A sinner who is a subject of eternal condemnation is an enemy of God.  They actively work to destroy the good in favor of the evil.  To repent and turn to God after any sin means you are not that level of sinner. The remorseful are seeking God and actively working to sin no more.  Therein lies the difference.

The Apostle Paul’s life is a perfect example of God’s ability to forgive any sin.  Prior to finding Christ, Paul killed Christians with incredible brutality. On the Damascus Road (Acts 9), Paul meets God who changes his heart forevermore.

Paul’s words from I Timothy 1:12-13, 16 outline God’s reasoning in forgiving him.  I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me faithful, appointing me to his service.  Even though I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent man, I was shown mercy because I acted in ignorance and unbelief…I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display his unlimited patience as an EXAMPLE  for those who would believe on Him and receive eternal life.

In Luke 7, when Jesus was being “anointed by a sinful woman,” He made an obvious point to a judgmental Pharisee looking upon her with disdain.  In Luke 7:47 Jesus says – Therefore I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven – for she loved much.  But he who has been forgiven little loves little. 

Because post-abortive people have been forgiven a great debt of sin, they have the ability to love others at a deeper level.  Even if God never calls them to share this secret, His mercy changes each person so His loving light of hope can shine through their heart.  He can then use us to inspire others to accept His love and live a greater life.

Are you having trouble realizing the love of God and His forgiveness after abortion?  Understand there is NO sin that God cannot forgive.  Ask Him, with a humble heart, for His help.  God can redeem this sin and change your life – just like He did in my life.

Perhaps you are holding judgment against another, believing them to be “unforgivable,” particularly since they chose abortion?  Do you understand this is sin?  Matthew 5:21b-22 outlines … anyone who murders will be subject to judgment.’ But I tell you that anyone who is angry with a brother or sister will be subject to judgment. 

Pregnancy centers can help abortion’s wounded in finding forgiveness after abortion.  Through abortion recovery programs, God’s love becomes tangible and alive.  This deep healing and peace results in joy returning to our hearts.  God can forgive any sin – even abortion!

Sydna Masse is President & Founder or Ramah International and author of the book and abortion recovery program, Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual and Emotional Peace After Abortion.