Abortion Myths

Myths Post-Abortive People Can Believe: #1 Abortion is Unforgivable

by | May 26, 2015

Myth #1 – Abortion is the Unforgivable Sin

Spiritually sensitive post-abortive individuals often view their choice to abort as unforgivable in the eyes of God.  Many also struggle in forgiving others who participated in their abortion choice.  They are often the hardest on themselves for participating in their own child’s death.   Many simply don’t realize that regardless of the sin, it isn’t in God’s character to hold our sins against us. He wants to forgive and heal our hearts.

The bigger issue for many comes when they cannot forgive themselves personally. Many in this mindset pursue self-punishing behaviors like drugs and promiscuity as a result of this self-rejection.  They often have a false belief that they deserve the worst in life for ending their child’s time on Earth.

God used the parable of the Unmerciful Servant found in Matthew 18:21-35 to help me forgive myself for aborting my child in 1981.  Through this passage, God led me to view myself in two ways – as the richer servant (current Sydna) whom God had just forgiven the debt of abortion – and the younger version of myself who had chosen abortion as the second servant.

The message was that if God had forgiven me, He was requiring that I forgive the younger version of myself as well.  That younger version was no longer alive.  Everything she was ended with each step of maturity God brought to my life.  I could see my younger version as a separate person from the woman I had become.  That fact made it easier to forgive that younger me!

Be sure to outline God’s magnificent forgiving nature when addressing audiences that include post-abortive listeners.  Outline that many struggle with forgiving themselves after abortion and they may need help in doing that.  Tell them you are there to listen compassionately.  Have a local pregnancy center’s information available so you can refer to their abortion recovery program!