Online Abortion Recovery

Online Hope for Abortion’s Wounded Hearts

by | Apr 10, 2018

“No women are contacting us about our abortion recovery services,” the pregnancy center director stated. “I don’t know how to reach these hearts with the hope of God’s healing. Can you help us?”

It was my delight to share about Ramah International’s new online abortion recovery website at By linking her pregnancy center’s donor and client website to this free website, this center is now reaching post-abortive people in their community at a deeper level and God’s healing work is booming.

The online abortion recovery website is currently the only complete abortion recovery online course. Each of the nine sessions contain nine lessons that offer more details on the emotions of healing after abortion.

Going through every lesson within each session is NOT required for God’s healing. For those who want as much information as possible, the content should answer nearly every question on how abortion has impacted them along with various encouraging stories and the ways of God to encourage their recovery. Visitors can also navigate through the website and read topics about specific symptoms that are impacting friends or family members.

The website’s sessions include the following topics:

There are many ways that can help you either personally or professionally share God’s compassion with those who have made this choice. Here are just a few:

Link to on your life-affirming, post-abortion or pregnancy center website(s):

There are millions of individuals in our world who are struggling in silence with the pain of their abortion experience. Some of the best supporters of life-affirming efforts have chosen abortion yet lack the courage to reach out physically or vocally to identify as a post-abortive person. Many do not have the emotional strength to vocally share this difficult sin out loud. Thankfully, they can gain great comfort in discovering a website that offers a private way to address this pain without sharing their abortion truth publicly.

Linking to on your own website(s) – or in social media posts relating to abortion – shows that you care about the broken people who made this choice. It presents confirmation of your compassion. If they never contact you, can help them discover God’s peace without any human involvement.

By advertising the on your social media outlets, abortion’s wounded can visit the website privately and discover basic information about how abortion may have impacted them. It can help them begin their healing process because it identifies their abortion as the source of their emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical pain.

The Ramah International team is committed to referring website contacts into healthy local abortion recovery programs. We know that there is nothing like direct, face-to-face compassion to comfort these hearts . Our team contacts local ministry groups to obtain program information. If the program is a healthy one, we will share that information with them and hope they make local contact.

Should they require additional privacy, are still too concerned about vocally admitting this sin to others, or if a healthy program is not available in their community, our team will continue to help them throughout their healing journey. We have already been doing this extensively across our World.

Feature the website whenever you are speaking about abortion or discussing the services of your life-affirming organization.

Whenever abortion is discussed in general society, it’s important to realize post-abortive people are listening. Most expect to be judged and cast out if their abortion secret is ever revealed. If they are anticipating rejection, they can research the website privately and always be within reach of our dedicated team who can help as well.

Sidewalk counselors are welcome to distribute business cards featuring the website outside abortion clinics. These cards can then become a lifeline to God’s healing in the future as well as evidence of compassion.

A perfect way to vocalize your compassion to post abortive people is this “sound-bite” developed by Dr. James DobsonI know I’m talking to many individuals who have experienced abortion. I want you to know that there is no sin that God cannot forgive. The problem maybe you don’t forgive yourself and you may need help. We are here to help…”

Use the website to supplement your existing abortion recovery program

Every woman is different when it comes to processing the pain of abortion. Some can only withstand reading about abortion for a few minutes during certain triggers of their pain. Others research abortion online, discovering graphic photos that can wound or judgmental posts that brand post-abortive women as serial killers.

Some wounded hearts require “triage” ministry services to help them understand their pain will not be deepened in talking about their abortion. Beginning their healing journey with the website can also build courage in making local contact.

Once denial is broken and abortion is discovered as a pain source, many are driven to research every possible angle about how abortion impacts hearts. offers them a unique source of organized information to investigate online versus asking detailed questions to someone who may not have many answers.

Even in existing abortion recovery classes, information about how abortion impacts women at a detailed level can be difficult to uncover since so few write about the other side of abortion pain. The website acts as a source of detailed and compassionate information that is designed to calm their fears and open their hearts to God’s love and forgiveness.

Whatever abortion recovery program you are using, contains a vast storehouse of answers to commonly asked questions by those who are beginning their healing process with God. Linking to this website and featuring it on business cards if you are part of a pregnancy center, sidewalk counseling or political effort can help the silent post-abortive people who are among you in society.

 Other Uses:

Shattering Sexual Soul Ties is addressed in Session 8. This session is an excellent tool for anyone struggling with past promiscuity issues. Each lesson includes God’s word regarding sexual sin and provides a simple way to confess, heal and release past sexual sins from our hearts.

Sharing the Secret of Abortion is the topic in Session 9. It offers a list of healthy steps to take before sharing an abortion secret in public. Post-abortive women who can professionally share their often-horrific experience in an abortion clinic can bring understanding to our world that abortion is not good for women. This session also walks through how to recognize God’s voice and understand if He is truly calling the individual to participate in either politics or ministry efforts relating to abortion. is also a wonderful source of information for high school and college students who are researching the impact of abortion on our society.

To assist you in reviewing, Ramah International has produced a Website Content Manual along with a separate Website User’s Manual for those who want to enhance their own ministry efforts by using this website resource. These books are also useful for those who either cannot access the website directly or who prefer a tangible copy of the information to go through off-line.

Please keep our team in your prayers and prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible financial donation to support us in launching this website to the World. Our globe is packed with individuals sitting in silent prisons of pain after this choice, unable to make personal contact to seek help or ask questions about how their abortion impacted them. Now they have a way to discover God’s healing in a deeply confidential manner!