A Personal Abortion Story by Sydna Masse

by | Nov 6, 2017

Sydna Masse – Pregnancy Center Banquet Speaker for Hannah Pregnancy Resource Center – October 2017

Sydna Massé is a rare pro-life speaker when she shares her story of walking into an abortion clinic and losing her child. Watch this video to see how a pregnancy center could have made all the difference in her life. Sydna then shares how – years later – a pregnancy center helped her discover God’s healing and grace, helping her to mourn her aborted child at last.

If you’ve never heard an abortion story before, watch this video to learn how difficult and physically painful this choice can be as well as the amazing power of God to heal this sinful choice. If you are searching for your next pro-life event speaker, watch this video! Sydna’s presentations are unique, heartwarming, humorous as she personally relates to the amazing work of pregnancy centers and why individuals and churches should support those efforts. For more information visit: sydna.com