Sydna Masse

Ramah International 2016 Ministry Update

by | Dec 28, 2016

Dear Friends,

Greetings to you and your family at this blessed time of the year. On behalf of the entire team at Ramah International, I want to thank you for supporting the ongoing mission of this ministry. Whether it is through your prayers or sacrificial contributions–or both–you’ve played a major role in our labors this past year. We’re very grateful and humbled by your support.

Occasionally during the past 12 months, we have outlined the work we are doing and the new opportunities God is opening up for Ramah International’s future. Our constituency of trained pregnancy center workers increased exponentially over 2016. Our online efforts to reach those considering abortion has also been expanded. It is our privilege to refer those considering abortion or struggling with a past abortion to their local pregnancy center. God is clearly blessing our work and we thank you for your prayers.

As Ramah enters our 20th year of ministry service, our task seems to have only just begun. The abortion policies of our world have led to the horrible wounding of tens of millions of individuals. While we have great hope for our future, we know that too many children have been lost and their parents left in deep spiritual and emotional pain that only God can heal. We simply need to do more to help reach these hearts!

Earlier this year, an indie author named Jennifer Rodewald presented me with a beautiful novel, Red Rose Bouquet. Jennifer designed this novel to reach abortion’s wounded hearts with the hope of God’s healing. It also perfectly educates society on the various dynamics of post-abortion pain. Surprisingly, this piece accomplished an even deeper healing in my own heart when I reviewed it!  As the author of most of the current writings on post-abortion topics, it was truly a unique experience for me to read such a book.

Since Jennifer never experienced abortion, she educated herself by reviewing all the free training resources on Ramah’s website and reading Her Choice to Heal. God helped her capture the typical post-abortive experience in an uplifting and explanatory manner.  At one point in the storyline, the main character receives a copy of Her Choice to Heal from her seatmate during a flight!

Not only did she write a beautiful book, Jennifer has graciously donated half of her proceeds from Red Rose Bouquet to support Ramah’s efforts, explaining, “There is no one in the world ministering to post-abortive hearts at the same level as Ramah.”  Clearly we are a unique ministry effort in our world and Red Rose Bouquet is a great piece. I highly encourage you to order a copy!

Ramah’s Voice, my blog page, produced over 40 new posts about many aspects of the post-abortive experience. Incredibly, we received over 45,000 views in 2016. Every Monday God directs the content. Some are based on current events and others simply provide a deeper perspective. As our readership has grown, we have received grateful responses that the blogs were helping healed individuals with ongoing spiritual encouragement along with a deeper definition of their post-abortive experience.

Our 2016 seminar training schedule was intense!  We visited Athens, GA; Birmingham, AL; Dallas and Houston, TX; Duluth, MN; Dayton, OH; Jefferson City, MO and Milton, PA. Our audiences were large and new topics were introduced.  Nearly 98% marked the “excellent” box on our surveys and a new understanding about how abortion impacts hearts was accomplished. Already we have 6 events scheduled between February and May in 2017 with the possibility of an international trip in later months. If you are interested in hosting a seminar, please contact me asap at [email protected]!

Finally, 2016 allowed us to develop a new on-line healing resource at The content has already been written but videos need to be developed along with some market testing before it will be complete. Ramah needs an additional $10,000 along with six weeks of dedicated work to bring it fully online.  Post-abortive individuals will be able to access this free site privately or be connected to our on-line team for additional assistance. Over nine sessions, the various emotions of post-abortive healing will be outlined with video content, blog links and much more.

While we recommend those working through the site purchase a copy of Her Choice to Heal, we are trusting God to provide a scholarship fund to help those who cannot afford to buy the book (cost = $12.95). Many may not trust us with their address to mail out a book, so each session will be full of new content to help address the emotions they are experiencing.  If they need our help, we will be available and continue to refer and encourage them to attend a local abortion recovery program.

Once this site is complete, we will begin work on an online school for post-abortion ministry training that will help develop new leaders in international arenas. Please keep our efforts in your prayers when it comes to the $10,000 underwriting need.  This healing website is such fertile soil to reach the world with the hope of God’s healing. We trust God to provide. If you’d like more information on how you can help or further details on how this new site can assist your abortion recovery efforts, please contact me.

There is more work to be done. Satan uses abortion to kill and destroy. When a woman leaves an abortion clinic, one is dead and the other wounded. As long as God gives us strength and provision, we will persevere with the incredible calling to minister to those considering abortion as well as those who are struggling with a past choice. We continue to be grateful for divine intervention on behalf of unborn children who are alive today – whose mothers will never experience post-abortion pain and dysfunction.

These last days of the year is a critical time for Ramah International. We rely on the contributions of this season to help cover essential ministry expenses. We would welcome any assistance you can offer to us. Your prayers and support will enable us to continue our outreach to spread the saving promise of Jesus Christ to every corner of the earth.

Thank you again for your friendship, consideration, and prayerful support.

God’s blessings to you!

Sydna A. Masse
President & Founder
Ramah International