Sharing the Secret of Abortion

Before Sharing the Secret of Abortion

by | Jul 29, 2015

After three undercover videos outlining that our world’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, sells the body parts of aborted children, many post-abortive people are outraged, along with many others. Post-abortive denial was broken forever in these videos of staff members outlining that we didn’t abort a “blob of tissue” but a human being with sellable organs.

This blog is for those post-abortive readers feeling the call to attend various Planned Parenthood protest events (Women Betrayed, etc.). In considering sharing this secret with the world, here are some good steps to take before you speak about your abortion experience in public.

There are several important questions that need to be asked by individuals who are considering public speaking:

* Is it God who is calling you to speak?

* Are you seeking attention or reward?

* Have you shared this story with family/friends first?

* Do you think that sharing can cleanse you of sin?

* Can you speak without being overwhelmed with emotion?

* Does your spouse/children support your sharing?

* Do you enjoy public attention?

* Will you focus your message on God?

* Are you trained to assist those who may respond?

Completing an Abortion Recovery Program

Without God’s healing and empowerment, post-abortive voices can fall flat and other emotions, such as anger, can take center stage. Abortion recovery programs help us begin to address this horror in private where compassion and grace abound. These programs are available through local pregnancy centers.  To find your local center, visit:

Talk to Family First

From my desk at Ramah International I’ve taken many calls from family members agonizing over discovering this truth from outside sources versus the post-abortive person themselves. One never knows who is listening to a presentation and the consequences that can result. It is imperative that this “secret” first be shared with friends and family before going public.

One woman who completed an abortion recovery class accepted the request to share at her pregnancy center’s banquet. One listener knew the presenter because their children were friends. The presenter had not told her seven year old daughter about her abortion believing she was “too young” to understand her story.

After the banquet, the judgmental listener went home and told her child that she could no longer play with the presenter’s child. When the child asked why, the woman replied, “Because she killed her first-born child and I don’t trust her anymore.”

Imagine the horror of the presenter’s daughter upon hearing from her friend that she cannot play with her anymore because her mother killed her brother or sister?

This is a true story. I have countless other similar tales that show that without full disclosure, the public abortion testimony can further wound family members.

Determining Your Motivation

God’s empowerment is the most critical element in sharing the secret of abortion.  Some women should not share because of incorrect motivations, some of which are outlined below:

  • Many share as a form of penitence — a way to atone for what they have done or to earnGod’s forgiveness.
  • Some enjoy public attention in any format!
  • A few are sharing with vengeful hearts, intent on publicly discrediting those who participated in their abortion choice.
  • Others hope to dispel pain and think that a public platform may be the means to that end.  When they leave the podium these individuals often do not experience the desired relief from pain and, unless they are supported emotionally by a compassionate mentor, they can fall into deeper despair as a result of sharing.

Ministry Training Required

After sharing my “in the clinic” testimony, I meet people that say, “You just shared my story.” In these moments, God allows me to open the door of peace by encouraging their hearts with the hope of His healing.

Every testifier will typically minister to those who may respond to their abortion testimony. If the testifier is not trained in abortion recovery outreach, she may be unable to extend the same comfort to those that respond.

If you are feeling called to share your abortion story, we’d be happy to help you with this calling. Contact me at [email protected].