Message of Hope to Abortion’s Wounded

by | Aug 14, 2018

Ramah International’s “How it Works” video is today’s Vlog from Sydna Massé. This introduces the Abortion Recovery Online Healing Course to those who may be struggling after an abortion decision.

Please share this video widely on your social media channels to encourage abortion’s wounded hearts that God loves and forgives any sin. They can begin to understand how abortion has impacted their lives by starting this online healing course.

Message of Hope to Abortion’s Wounded – Our team is here to help anyone struggling after an abortion decision. Please know that there is no sin that God cannot forgive, even abortion. The problem maybe you don’t forgive yourself and may need help. The website can help you discover God’s peace and mercy so that you can process this pain in a healthy manner.  Visit today!

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Her Choice to Heal Abortion Recovery

Abortion impacts hearts at an emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical level. Her Choice to Heal’s free online abortion recovery course offers nine detailed modules that provide understanding of abortion’s impact. These specific healing strategies can begin the healing process. 

Hello, I am Sydna Massé Founder and CEO of Ramah International and the author of Her Choice to Heal. I'd love to keep in touch and include you in our prayer chain as we continue to serve abortion's wounded and those considering abortion.Abortion Recovery Blog Sydna Masse

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