Alyssa Milano's Abortion #sexstrike

Alyssa’s #SexStrike and Abortion’s End

by | May 21, 2019

Actress Alyssa Milano’s recent #SexStrike campaign reveals the potential future of American society if/when Roe v. Wade is dismantled at the federal level and sent back to the states. States will then rule on abortion’s legality.

Just the media discussion of these changes indicate we are on the brink of a massive breakdown of post-abortive defense mechanisms. The biggest trigger of abortion pain will be when abortion is made illegal and they consider they may have done something wrong. That change will roll many wounded people into the arms of God with repentant hearts.

Therefore, we are on the brink of a massive revival among abortion’s wounded hearts. For many, this newfound peace in Christ will allow them to be better mothers and wives, at the very least. This will likely transform our nation’s families for God’s good, healing abortion related dysfunction that has yet to be researched.

Alyssa’s pro-abortion world doesn’t want any restrictions on abortion. This is evident when they promote late-term abortions and infanticide after babies are born. They understand that saying abortion is wrong at any level will finally break the denial of women who have been ignoring any abortion related guilt and pain.

The legality of abortion is what post-abortive people use to justify their abortion. If abortion is legal, it must not be a sinWrong! Deuteronomy 30:19 reveals the opposite – This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.

When abortion is made illegal, many will conclude it is not good. That thought quickly triggers the emotions of guilt and eventually grief among post-abortive people. Once denial is broken, it’s hard to put it back together again.

Abortion’s legality was the point that my boyfriend used in his coercion of my abortion decision. I chanted that point in my head as I walked into the clinic – “It’s legal and okay to do this…” I used that same mindset to fend off the emotional and spiritual pain for many years until God reached my heart with His truth about my child’s death.

The impact of this potential change will affect tens of millions of women. The number of post-abortive women in America vary by age group. Overall, we estimate that one third of American women have chosen abortion. How are we going to feel if/when abortion in made illegal in some US states?  

God’s word stands ready for post-abortive hearts to take in and drink of His comfort in realizing their abortion was the wrong choice. Long denied pain can be overwhelming when it arrives. Old coping mechanisms won’t work once the reality that abortion is now illegal hits our society.

In the states where abortions may no longer be offered, other impacts could occur. The compassion for post-abortive people will be stronger than before. Abortion recovery ministry efforts will GROW as a result.

Sexual activity among unmarried young people in abortion-free states will also greatly diminish. Sex strikes like the one Milano espouses won’t be necessary because there will be a reluctance to participate in sex due to a possible pregnancy.

Abortion-free states will revert to a deeper level of purity at so many levels. No longer will the idea of “free sex” appeal to young women if they can no longer have an abortion should a “mistake” happen.  

Denial of the truth of abortion won’t last for much longer. The tables are turning because of God’s divine plan. God helped many of us through our darkest hours of realizing or own abortion mistakes. He poured out His forgiving love like a sweet sun shower, healing us and helping us forgive ourselves. We will share that grace and mercy with others who have made this choice.

It is important to understand that post-abortive people in your life may be in agony as a result of these media discussions and changing laws. Our ministry has trained and equipped tens of thousands to offer the love of God to abortion’s wounded hearts. For 21 years, Ramah International has been dedicated to helping expand abortion recovery and abortion-vulnerable ministry everywhere.

We are one of the few actively developing new social media platforms – like – to reach abortion’s wounded hearts with the hope of God’s healing. This free to use website, with no login requirements, is ministering to thousands every month.

Ramah International is also developing new resources to advance God’s love in abortion’s wounded hearts. We appreciate your prayers and financial support. There is no more fertile ground for God’s revival regarding abortion than our ministry efforts today.

If you have experienced abortion, we are here when you are ready to change and find God’s peace. Begin by visiting Our team is ready to help you!

For those touched by another person’s abortion, I encourage you to purchase a copy of my book, Her Choice to Heal.  Be sure to read it to help you understand this loved one’s pain and build your compassion for them. It can also help heal your own heart of any residing pain. This lost child deserves to be mourned, particularly if their parents cannot grieve them yet.

If the individual knows that you know about their abortion experience, place my book into an envelope and then put that envelope into another one. Don’t say anything about abortion when you either hand or mail them this resource. Simply say/write – I remember what happened to you in the past and thought this book could help if you ever experience some related pain. I really care about you…

If they do not know you know about their abortion, begin praying for them daily. Whenever the moment seems appropriate around them, bring up the abortion topic or write to them about it. Make a general comment like this one: I can only imagine how it feels to experience abortion. I don’t like it, but I would never judge anyone for having one. If circumstances had been different, I could have had one.

In this manner, you simply make yourself available for God to use you in their lives and know this loved one has His comfort available in this book. They may never share their secret, but you will always know that you offered them God’s love and hope.

Have hope that God’s remedy is around the corner to this tragedy in our society! We appreciate your prayers and support as we work to extend God’s healing to abortion’s wounded hearts across the world.